Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dell makes 18-inch Windows 8 tablet, throws logic out of an equally large window

We are no strangers to ridiculously large tablets. We saw a few at CES, including a particularly enormous 20-inch Panasonic tablet. Although one would assume this is just some quirky thing that would go away if you don’t pay attention to it, it seems OEMs aren’t quite willing to let go of it.

Dell is the latest to join the ranks of these comically large tablets (at this point they are more tables than tablets). Unlike others, however, Dell has made slightly more effort to justify the size of this device, by making it turn into an All-in-One at a pinch.
The XPS 18 has a kickstand at the back that lets you prop up the device at a slightly more vertical angle or a steeper one depending upon how you want to use it. The first position is ideal if you are going to pair it with a keyboard and mouse and use it as a desktop PC. The second would be ideal if you want to use the touchscreen only.
Regarding the specs of this thing, all we know for now is that it has a 18.4-inch, FullHD display and an Intel Core ULT processor. And it’s running Windows 8.
No pricing and availability information has been provided yet but one must wonder, where would you be using something this big?

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