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Globe helps develop English language literacy among children

Globe is helping develop language literacy among children given the significant drop in the country’s global ranking in English proficiency.  This is also in support of the Department of Education (DepEd)'s efforts to address the growing threat posed on the public education system by the ongoing pandemic.

Under its Global Filipino Teachers (GFT) initiative, Globe, through a partnership with Teach for the Philippines (TFP), provides essential learning sessions that promote 21st-century learning and maximize digital resources among public school teachers and learners amid the COVID-19 crisis.  TFP works to provide Filipino children with an inclusive, relevant, and excellent education.

A focus of the GFT learning sessions is Early Language Literacy. In the recent GFT webinars, attendees were taught how to teach pre-reading skills, introduce sound and print, decoding, and sight-reading as well as plan a reading program for children under the new normal. 


Through the webinars, Globe aims to equip educators and parents with the knowledge to conduct an effective reading program to improve learners' progress as well as guide them on the best offline and online approaches to reading.


During the discussions, teachers learned how children can combine strong decoding skills while expanding their sight vocabulary so they can invest more brain energy into comprehending what they are reading.


The webinars also tackled the appropriate combination of learning modalities to target different learning goals, ways to monitor learners’ progress, and how to maximize learning by teaching children games and activities that they can engage in repeatedly for independent practice.


Teachers were also encouraged to involve students in preparing their own instructional materials out of common household objects and how they can nurture relationships with the children and their families.  The sessions can be viewed through


"Our Global Filipino Teachers program supports our public school teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to achieve 21st-century learning.  More than ever, these supplementary programs are necessary to promote new skills needed in this new normal,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.


TFP's Marketing and Events Director Angel Ramos, on the other hand, said: “Our teachers and students need all the support that they can get. With new and innovative techniques in teaching reading to beginning and non-readers, we hope our teachers will be able to help improve our public school students’ learning outcomes even more confidently.” 


The global health crisis has forced the entire country to adapt to new ways of teaching students at home. Aside from revising its learning standards for students, DepEd also shifted to flexible learning delivery options including primarily printed modules to be distributed to students’ homes and supplemented with TV, radio, and online distance learning.


However, the current setup threatens to increase the gap between those who can access and continue education and those who could not.  It could also cause a setback to the development of students’ skills as well as affect the provision of developmentally-appropriate structured experiences that can help students navigate the crisis.


The situation can also further impact the children’s ability to learn and express themselves in English. Even before the crisis, data from the international education company Education First already showed that the ranking of the Philippines in the English Proficiency Index has been declining over the past few years to 27th in 2020 from 13th in 2016.


Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly quality education (SDG 4) and partnership for the goal (SDG 17).


To know more about Globe's sustainability efforts, visit

Unique Spatial Sound Technologies for Ambient Room-filling Sound with Sony’s Latest Premium Wireless Speaker

(MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 26 FEBRUARY 2021) – Sony today announced the SRS-RA3000, its latest premium wireless speaker. Equipped with Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies and packed with smart features, the speaker fills your room with your favorite background music. The ambient room-filling sound creates a calm atmosphere, allowing you to relax as if you were at your favorite café. Perfect for everyone, this speaker allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite music and create a calm and unobtrusive atmosphere where music is your perfect companion every day.

Ambient Room-Filling Sound for a New Sound Experience

Ambient Room-Filling Sound

Through Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies, the RA3000 recreates the ambient room-filling sound experience like a well-designed café in your home. Unlike most speakers that spread sound horizontally, this speaker spread background music both horizontally (wall-to-wall) and vertically (floor-to-ceiling) with Immersive Audio Enhancement and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio content playback. The ambient room-filling sound creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere, helping to create the right ambience for chatting with family and friends.

Immersive Audio Enhancement

The RA3000 provides Immersive Audio Enhancement (IAE) based on Sony’s unique algorithm, transforming 2-channel stereo tracks into ambient room-filling sound. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, working, or catching up with friends, the speaker diffuses sound both horizontally and vertically to envelop you in all directions, while recreating a soothing atmosphere.

360 Reality Audio

360 Reality Audio tracks provide the best ambient room-filling experience as they incorporate three-dimensional sound location data, allowing the RA3000 to analyze the location data within and optimally allocate the sound to the speaker’s structure effectively, thus delivering true ambient room-filling sound. 360 Reality Audio can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services. Listeners can currently access approximately 4,000 songs in 360 Reality Audio[i] from artists like Alicia Keys, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion, Noah Cyrus, Zara Larsson and more. Find out more:

Sound calibration

Every room has a different acoustic condition and the sound characteristics can be affected by various aspects of the room. Through sound calibration, the RA3000 considers the acoustic conditions of the room and optimizes its output to create ambient room-filling sound. The RA3000 provides effortless auto adjustment, which takes place in the background while you are enjoying your favorite tracks. Every time you restart the RA3000 after moving it to a new location in the house, automatic recalibration is activated for optimum audio performance.  

Premium Wireless Speaker For a New Listening Experience

The RA3000 offers the beauty of Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies anywhere at home. The RA3000 achieves omnidirectional sound with deep bass by using a full range speaker, an omni-diffuser that spreads sound throughout the room in every direction and a dual passive radiator to produce deep bass. The speaker’s overlapping beam tweeters form a wavefront that goes upward, which delivers sound vertically. This helps fill the space with ambient room-filling sound, making sure that the RA3000 hits the sweet spot, wherever you are in the room. With its smaller body and humidity resistance[ii], it is the perfect companion that enables you to bring your music with you anywhere in your home – even while listening to calming music when taking a relaxing bath or belting out your favorite songs while cooking in the kitchen[iii].

Seamless Listening Experience with Auto Volume

Music lovers can attest to the bane of listening to tracks that either play too loud or too quiet. This will be a thing of the past as the RA3000 will analyze each track and automatically play them at a consistent volume so you can say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly picking up your smartphone or remote to adjust the volume after every few tracks.  

Easy to Set up and Effortless to Use

A Myriad of Connection Options

The RA3000 fits into your life as seamlessly as it fits into your home.  You can choose several convenient ways to enjoy your music. You can pair the speaker with a smartphone, laptop or tablet using BLUETOOTH® technology. Music can be directly streamed in high quality over your home Wi-Fi network. Perfect for music lovers of all kinds, this wireless speaker provides an option of an analog connection to prevent details from being lost. The RA3000 is also compatible with Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in[iv] for added convenience and flexibility.

Voice Control and Multi-Room

The RA3000 is compatible with a Google Assistant4-enabled device with Chromecast built-in and Amazon Alexa enabled devices, allowing you to control music played on the speaker with just your voice. The speaker can also be grouped with multiple compatible devices for multi-room playback using the Google Home app or Amazon Alexa app, allowing you to choose between playing different songs in different rooms, or playing the same music in all rooms at the same time.

Sony | Music Center app

At the touch of your fingertips, control the RA3000 from your smartphone with the Sony | Music Center app. You can control your playlist, adjust EQ settings, or even turn on/off the Immersive Audio Enhancement and Auto Volume feature with the app.

Wireless TV Connection

Enjoy lower latency wireless connectivity with your TV[v] and enhance your TV’s audio performance for a more thrilling viewing experience by connecting the RA3000 to compatible BRAVIA® televisions via Bluetooth connection.


The SRS-RA3000 will be available in the Philippines soon.

[i] Requires download of Sony | Music Center app. Subscription to compatible online music service and third party terms, conditions, account and fees may apply. Compatible services may not be available in certain countries/regions.

[ii]The humidity-resistant performance of the product is based on our measurements under a certain temperature/humidity level. (35°C/35%-95%)

[iii] The product is not waterproof. Do not use the product near water and do not expose it to dripping or splashing. Do not use the product in a location where close to a bathtub, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool, etc.

[iv] Chromecast built-in, Google Assistant and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in all languages and countries/regions.

[v] Wireless connection via Bluetooth®, BRAVIA® supporting Bluetooth® A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is needed. Applicable TV models   


Thursday, February 25, 2021

KCAT, Inc. Ramps Up Cybersecurity with Globe Business

As the economy proceeds to embrace the new normal, cybersecurity has become necessary in ensuring that all digital transformation initiatives happen without disruption.

To address the public’s growing need for secure connectivity services, Kabankalan Community Antenna Television, Inc. (KCAT) tapped Globe Business, the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, for support in managing its cybersecurity defense.

“We aim to be the best Cable TV and Internet Service Provider in the Southern Area of Negros,” said Joel Dabao, President & CEO of KCAT. “Our vision requires us to be one step ahead of our customers’ needs. Seeing that demand for connectivity has steadily increased over the past months, we knew that we needed to upgrade our cybersecurity. However, doing so would mean investing in manpower, technology, and training. Thanks to Globe we were able to do just that—minus the time and effort of putting up a whole new cybersecurity department.”


Dabao shared that, through Globe Secure Internet Access (SIA) Proactive Response, KCAT received on-demand incident response support, ensuring that its network remains guarded with cybersecurity experts on standby 24/7. With the solution, KCAT has access to premium internet service, proactive cybersecurity consulting, and priority incident response support from Secureworks—one of Globe’s esteemed partners in cybersecurity.


SIA Proactive Response allows enterprises to gain entry to Secureworks Incident Management Retainer (IMR), which affords companies to collaborate with seasoned experts to limit damage, minimize work stoppages, expedite recovery efforts, and help prevent future cyber threat incidents. Secureworks—a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide (March 2019)—is Globe's partner in cybersecurity, leveraging machine learning, analytics, and human intelligence. Its solutions help prevent, detect, and respond to global threats across six international Security Operations Centers, processing up to 310 billion security events daily for over 4,000 customers in more than 50 countries.


“At Globe, we take security seriously,” mentioned Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “It’s every business’s responsibility to add a cybersecurity layer to their initiatives. Digital transformation is not without its challenges, especially when business success also means that threats are more than ready to strike at any moment. Together with Secureworks, we’re able to combine proprietary technology and threat intelligence with Globe’s robust direct internet services, enabling our clients to uninterruptedly serve their customers digitally.”


Secure every business outcome with SIA Bundles and the rest of Globe Cybersecurity Solutions. Contact your Globe Business Account Manager today or visit our website for more information.

New Industry Clouds Offer Launchpad for Innovation

The Philippines, February 2021-Over the past year, we have experienced dramatic disruption around the world. Companies in every industry have turned to digital technologies for the resilience and agility necessary to survive. The urgency for entire industries to transform at scale has never been greater.

In response, we have accelerated our efforts to support and co-innovate with customers and partners — both now and long term — with industry-specific cloud offerings that can provide a launchpad for further innovations.

Today, we’re announcing another milestone in those efforts with three new industry-specific cloud offerings: Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. We are also announcing the first update to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, and the public preview timing for Microsoft Cloud for Retail introduced in January at NRF.

We created the Microsoft industry clouds by bringing together common data models, cross-cloud connectors, workflows, APIs, and industry-specific components and standards, with the breadth of Microsoft’s cloud services, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and security solutions. Through these industry clouds, we aim to empower everyone to deliver value faster, adapt quickly to changing conditions, build for the future and do all of this with security at the core.

Microsoft’s deep investment in industry solutions is not new. Across the company, embedded industry experts among our employee base are informing our priorities — doctors working alongside engineering teams on healthcare challenges, retail executives imagining new customer experiences, financial experts helping us understand fintech, banking and payments, and nonprofit leaders shaping our vision and solutions to impact those helping others.

Designed with industry challenges in mind, these clouds can enable organizations to jump ahead and deliver value at a record pace. This is because they provide an onramp to the broader portfolio of Microsoft cloud services, enabling customers to begin with the areas where they need technology transformation is most urgent.

Because of the breadth and depth of the Microsoft partner ecosystem, Microsoft industry clouds also provide new opportunities to strengthen and extend for the last mile of industry execution. Partners bring new innovation and expertise to deliver tailored solutions for unique customer needs.

Here’s what today’s announcement means for organizations in these industries — and why we believe these new clouds are a meaningful opportunity for our partners, too.

Financial services: Comprehensive services at customers’ fingertips with the highest security and compliance standards at the core

The financial services industry is deeply traditional and has been steadily disrupted the past few years by trends like e-commerce, fintechs, and cryptos. The industry was already shifting from brick-and-mortar locations to digital services, but global lockdowns accelerated this trend.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services brings together Microsoft solutions, unique templates, API’s and additional industry-specific standards, along with multi-layered security and compliance coverage to deliver differentiated customer experiences, improve employee collaboration and productivity, manage risk and modernize core systems. Using these capabilities, retail banks can create a 360-degree view of the customer with greater insight and suggested next best action, embed digital collaboration into their process workflows to create real-time visibility to status and streamline hand-offs, enhance insights to help reduce fraud all with the scalable and hybrid deployment options financial services organizations require to modernize their systems.

For example, a new feature called Loan Manager will enable lenders to close loans faster by streamlining workflows and increasing transparency through automation and collaboration — a critical function in the current remote-everything world. Public preview is planned for March 2021, and customers like ABN AMRO and Manulife are already taking advantage of some of its capabilities.

Manufacturing: Intelligent systems and agile factories

Manufacturers have been moving toward data-driven automation, IoT, machine learning, and AI for years. If anything, 2020 showed just how critical those capabilities are. As factory floors ground to a halt, even the most sophisticated, just-in-time supply chains were impacted.

Available for public preview by the end of June, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is designed to deliver capabilities that support the core processes and requirements of the industry. These end-to-end manufacturing solutions bring together new and existing capabilities across the Microsoft portfolio as well as partner solutions that together can seamlessly connect people, assets, workflows, and business processes, helping organizations become more resilient.

Many of these capabilities were on display during the VentilatorChallengeUK, where a consortium of companies helped the UK increase ventilator production from 50 to 1,500 per week. Partners like Accenture, Avanade, PTC, and Siemens responded using Microsoft’s cloud capabilities for manufacturing.

Nonprofit: Enabling and accelerating mission-driven impact

Nonprofits are addressing many of our world’s most pressing challenges, providing critical services and support to communities everywhere. Yet, nonprofits are often challenged with a

patchwork of disparate systems and pockets of disconnected data. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit creates a connected, intelligent platform to empower staff and volunteers to focus on the work that matters most — their mission.

Launching in public preview by the end of June, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit connects the trusted cloud capabilities of Microsoft to the most common nonprofit scenarios such as constituent engagement, program design and delivery, volunteer management, and fundraising, all brought together by the nonprofit common data model.

Right To Play is a global NGO dedicated to protecting, educating, and empowering children using the power of play. Using capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, the organization has scaled from 100 to more than 3,000 new monthly donors, deepening engagements and building better programs to serve more than 2 million children worldwide every week.

Retail: Blurring the lines between the physical and the digital

Retail is a constantly evolving industry, and those efforts have taken on a breakneck pace over the past 12 months to accommodate record online sales, shifts in customer loyalty, a surge in “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS), and curbside pickup.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail brings together different data sources across the retail value chain and uniquely connects experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey, using a set of capabilities that deliver more relevant personalized experiences and optimize operations for sustained profitability.

Using this industry cloud, retailers can build more targeted and relevant customer recommendations and notifications, expand their fulfillment options, simplify payment processing and benefit from comprehensive fraud protection. Currently in private preview, Microsoft Cloud for Retail will be available for public preview in March.

Lids are already using Microsoft products included in the cloud, like Dynamics 365 Commerce, to bring greater visibility into its sales and supply chain and modernize its point-of-sale system. “We are excited to explore Microsoft Cloud for Retail as another crucial tool to bring together our stores, product, and marketing systems and unlock the power of our data,” said Britten Maughan, senior vice president of product and partnerships at Lids.

Healthcare: Increased resiliency for the challenges ahead

Last year, we announced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, and today, we are announcing the first update will be available in April, including support for eight new languages, along with new features for virtual health, remote patient monitoring, care coordination, and patient self-service.

With the expertise of partner Avtex, Mary Washington Health System is deploying a solution built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare that helps securely connect providers digitally with patients who have canceled or deferred important elective procedures. Solutions like this allow patients to reconnect with their healthcare providers and restart those procedures that have been delayed — while also helping providers recover in a post-pandemic world.

The core elements of our industry vision

Microsoft will always be a trusted advisor, partner, and co-innovator to our customers and global ecosystem of partners. Today’s news is the next step on our journey to deliver industry-specific clouds that enable every organization to adapt to a constantly changing new reality. Across these announcements, we believe three key factors allow Microsoft to deliver on our industry vision, unlike no other company.

First, our industry approach is core to our mission to empower people to achieve more. Every organization in every industry relies on the hard work and ingenuity of individuals to achieve its goals. With our industry-first approach, we are putting specific solutions in the hands of people closest to the problem. This helps organizations with whom we partner to act faster and make more intelligent decisions — ultimately providing better experiences.

Second, our approach proves the power of partnership. Our global partner ecosystem is unmatched in adding deep expertise and building high-value solutions for virtually any scenario or function. We work with industry-leading independent software vendors and system integrators to ensure our customers have the solutions they need to address their business challenges.

Finally, we have a deep commitment to security, compliance, and trust. Our offerings incorporate industry-recognized standards from edge to cloud, with more than 90 certifications and more than 35 industry-specific compliance offerings. This creates value for partners too, allowing them to invest in opportunities and scale their business rather than apply for certifications. Additionally, our approach to customer data underscores our commitment to trust —customer data belongs to our customers, not to us.

The complexity of our world is increasing daily, and the lessons of 2020 are showing up as organizations everywhere learn to be more agile and resilient. They are counting on Microsoft to help them master this complexity so they can move faster, innovate thoughtfully, and be positioned for success.

To learn more about the clouds, we invite you to join the coming previews and tune into dedicated sessions at Microsite Ignite next week and visit our industry site for more product information.

Sony Launches FX3 Full-Frame Camera with Cinematic Look and Enhanced Operability for Creators

(MANILA, PHILIPPINES, February 2021) – Sony officially announced today the FX3 (model ILME-FX3) camera that combines the best of Sony’s industry-leading digital cinema technology with advanced imaging features from Alpha™ mirrorless cameras to create the ultimate cinematic look.

As the latest addition to Sony’s Cinema Line, the FX3 delivers a cinematic look and professional operability and reliability all in one device that answers the needs of young creators who are looking for new ways to express their creative vision. The new model provides outstanding image quality and usability for small-scale and one-person shooting. The FX3 boasts first-class focus performance, optical image stabilization, handheld shooting design, and advanced heat dissipation for extended recording times. All this in a compact, lightweight body that provides the performance and mobility to meet the growing demands of today’s content creators.

“The FX3 was designed to turn creative vision into reality,” said Ryo Ochi, General Manager, Digital Imaging Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “It allows creators to bring their visual expression into the world of cinema through immersive content. We will continue to support the world’s creators through Sony’s Cinema Line Series.”

Cinematic Look

The FX3 flaunts Sony’s industry-leading image sensor technology to achieve high processing speeds and outstanding image quality. The full-frame, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor full-frame 10.2-megapixel (approx. effective) count for movie recording (and 12.1 effective megapixels for stills) and the BIONZ XR image processing engine team up to ensure high sensitivity with low noise. The standard ISO range is 80 to 102,400 (expandable to 409,600 when shooting a movie), and dynamic range is an impressively wide 15+ stops2.

In response to a growing need for a more expressive depth, the FX3, along with FX9 and FX6 Cinema Line cameras, allows users to create a cinematic look without post-production using S-Cinetone. Based on the color science inspired by Sony’s flagship VENICE camera, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones, plus soft colors and smooth highlights that are essential to a cinematic look.

Create movies with in-camera 4K recording at up to 120 frames per second3. Extraordinarily smooth slow-motion imagery[i] (up to 5x) at QFHD (3840 x 2160) resolution with autofocus provides new expressive capability.

Designed for Comfortable Solo-Shooting

The most compact and lightweight Cinema Line camera is ideal for handheld shooting, gimbal and drone-mounted work. It weighs just 715 grams, including the battery and memory cards and the body is 77.8 mm high, 129.7 mm wide, and 84.5 mm deep – without protrusions. The camera grip has been carefully designed to provide optimum flexibility, stability, and comfort for long shoots.

Designed for mobility and efficiency, the FX3’s body features five thread holes (1/4-20 UNC) to easily attach compatible accessories while remaining light enough for handheld shooting and making it easy to carry and set up. The supplied XLR handle unit securely attaches to the body via the Multi Interface Shoe without any special tools and provides three additional thread holes for accessories: two on the top and one on the end. External monitors, recorders, wireless microphone receivers, the accessory shoe kit (cold shoe plate), or other add-ons can be securely attached.

To enable high-quality audio, the XLR handle unit includes two XLR/TRS audio inputs to the FX3. With an optional XLR microphone, digital audio data can be directly transferred to the camera for outstanding audio quality.  Camera settings provide audio recording formats, including 4-channel 24-bit recording. Because the XLR adaptor is integrated into the handle and does not require any additional cables or batteries, it offers a stress-free setup.

The FX3 offers Fast Hybrid autofocus (AF) by using the 627 points[ii] focal plane phase-detection system during movie recording. The camera is further enhanced with Touch Tracking (Real-time Tracking) where simply touching the desired subject on the monitor screen initiates autofocus and tracking on that subject. Precise and smooth focus is maintained with Real-time Eye AF – technology that pinpoints the eye even when subjects are looking down or up at steep angles. Additionally, other AF features have been included and refined in response to feedback from professional users, including AF Transition Speed, AF Subject Shift Sensitivity, intuitive control, and AF support when focusing manually. These AF features have been implemented in the FX3 to ensure stable, flexible, and precise focusing in any situation and are easy to operate for solo shoots.

The FX3 features 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization - highly effective for handheld shooting. A high-precision stabilization unit and gyro sensors have made it possible to provide an Active Mode4 that is dedicated to movie shooting in each format, including 4K. In-body image stabilization means that effective stabilization can be achieved with a wide range of lenses, including E-mount lenses that do not include stabilization of their own. In addition, the FX3 records image stabilization metadata that can be done more practical adjustment during post-production using Catalyst Browse/Prepare[iii].

Expandability and Operability for Content Creators


No compromises have been made when designing the FX3 in terms of professional control and operability. The buttons frequently used in movie shooting such as ISO, iris, and white balance adjustment are located on the grip and on the top of the body. The design allows solo creators to control the buttons with one hand. In addition, 140 functions assignable to 15 custom keys allow for ultimate efficiency.

The zoom lever located on the top of the grip not only controls compatible powered zoom lenses but also allows Clear Image Zoom to be also used with unpowered zoom and prime lenses with less image degradation – reducing the number of lenses required for many projects. This lever also enables smooth zooming that is difficult for manual zoom-ring control.

Recording lamps (tally) are provided on the upper front and rear of the camera, so that operator can easily distinguish when the camera is rolling. A side-opening vari-angle touch-panel LCD monitor allows for easy operation and is suitable for gimbal-mounted shots, complicated angles, handheld operation, and more. Flexible Exposure Mode allows the FX3 to have a similar Auto/Manual switch operation as other FX series cameras for aperture (iris), shutter speed, and ISO, which can be set independently. A short press of the assigned custom buttons enables switching between locking the dial / Manual, and a long press on the custom buttons allows on-off switching of the Auto setting.


Creators need more than just refined features and performance; they also need reliability and durability. The FX3 combines a fan for active cooling with effective heat dissipation resulting in uninterrupted 4K 60p recording without thermal shutdown5. The newly developed fan provides high-efficiency cooling.

The new camera also features a dust and moisture resistant design[iv] and durable magnesium alloy chassis. Moreover, USB PD (Power Delivery) supports fast charging[v] for uninterrupted recording.


The FX3 is compatible with several recording functions including S-Log3 gamma with S-Gamut3. Cine color space to preserve rich color and gradation, that can record in a high dynamic range and wide color gamut. It also supports internal recording in XAVC S™ and XAVC S-I formats in 4K (QFHD) and FHD, and XAVC HS™ (MPEG-H HEVC/H.265, 4K only) format. 4K 60p video in 10-bit 4:2:2 or 16-bit RAW format can be output to an external device[vi] via the FX3 HDMI Type-A jack.

The FX3 also offers fast, future-oriented media slots that contribute to unprecedented shooting freedom with two CFexpress Type A cards. The same data can be simultaneously recorded to both cards for backup, and a “relay” mode will automatically switch to the second media card when the first media card becomes full during recording.

The new camera has been developed with advanced connectivity features to better assist professional creators with high-speed wireless LAN functionality (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band[vii]) and wired LAN connection via a compatible USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. This FX3 also supports remote shooting from PC by Imaging Edge Desktop™ application “Remote” via Wi-Fi, or Superspeed USB 5Gbps connection over USB Type-C® terminal.

About Cinema Line

Cinema Line is a series of cameras that have a filmic look - cultivated from Sony’s long experience in digital cinema production – plus, enhanced operability and reliability that responds to the wide variety of creators’ high demands.

Cinema Line includes the digital cinema camera VENICE, highly acclaimed in the feature and episodic production industry, the professional camera FX9, which is popular for documentary and drama production and the FX6, for grab and shoot action and content creation. With the addition of the new FX3, the most compact camera in the series, Sony offers a true line up of versatile creative tools for all types of visual storytellers.

Pricing and Availability

The FX3 will be available in the Philippines soon.

Exclusive stories about Cinema Line, FX3, and Sony's other imaging products can be found at and - resources designed to educate and inspire all fans of Sony’s technology for content creation and photography.

Watch the live announcement at:

A product video on the new FX3 can be viewed at:  

For detailed product information, please visit:

[i] Post-production editing and S&Q mode recording required

[ii] Maximum AF points and area coverage. This varies according to the recording modes

[iii] Supported in Catalyst Browse/Prepare Version 2020.1 or later. Image stabilization metadata that can be used by Catalyst is generated when using a Sony E-mount lens with the camera’s optical image stabilization set to [OFF] or [Active].

[iv] Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture-proof. The XLR handle does not feature a dust and moisture resistant design

[v] USB charging and power delivery are only supported via the USB Type-C® terminal. A battery must be installed in the camera when supplying USB power. The internal battery may drain even if USB power is supplied, depending on the adapter used and camera operating conditions.

[vi] Compatible recorders to be announced.

[vii] 5 GHz communication may be restricted in some countries and regions