Saturday, October 20, 2018

Power up your travel lifestyles with Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa Cards

Traveling to new destinations and discovering the wonders of the world is already a rewarding experience in itself. But, did you know that your daily expenses and shopping can get you more exciting benefits for your weekend trips and holiday vacations?

As more people are enjoying a lifestyle of travel, debit and credit cards are doubling as loyalty rewards cards to bring more thrilling and memorable experiences. The country’s leading local carrier, Cebu Pacific, offers a bigger fleet of GetGo cards powered by Visa and UnionBank to make traveling a rewarding experience in more ways than one. With your own Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards, you can enjoy the following:
Cashless transactions abroad
Most cards, whether debit, credit, or prepaid, are now accepted worldwide. This makes souvenir shopping more convenient and hassle-free as you don’t have to worry about carrying physical cash abroad. Cebu Pacific GetGo’s newest prepaid card also works as a multi-currency card that frequent travelers can reload and use at Visa-accredited merchants anywhere in the world.

First-class treatment
Cebu Pacific and GetGo also let you experience world-class accommodation while waiting for your next flight. Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit cardholders can have access to airport lounges in NAIA Terminal 3 where they can rest and relax before their international flights. You can also get priority check-ins, free 5kg baggage allowance, and even free travel insurance.

Early alerts on promos and seat sales
What also makes travel rewards programs worthwhile is the exclusive notices on seat sales to your favorite local and international destinations. When you have a Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa card, you can instantly avail of special flights with your points or earn points for free travels when you use your card to pay for your tickets. You can also enjoy exciting promos with partner merchants of GetGo and UnionBank.

Instant points for more adventures
Converting points has never been easier with the line of Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards. The cards provide one of the best earn rates in the country - one GetGo point for every P30 spent using the credit card and P88 spent using the debit and prepaid card. You can even earn twice when you purchase from GetGo’s partner merchants using your debit or credit card. GetGo points are also automatically transferred to your GetGo account every month so you can fly for free faster.

Enjoy all these exclusive travel benefits when you apply for a card for your everyday lifestyle. You can select from CEB GetGo Debit Card (, Credit Card (, Platinum Credit Card, and Prepaid Card (

Cardholders who will apply for a Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit or Platinum Credit Card from now up to October 31, 2018, can enjoy 8,000 GetGo points by spending P20,000 using their new credit card within 65 days from card approval date. A special 8,000 GetGo points promo code will be rewarded to Platinum cardholders who will spend another P20,000 within the same period. Go to for the full promo mechanics.

So, what are you waiting for? Live the best life with your own Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards by UnionBank and enjoy points for a free trip to your dream travel destination! Promo is extended until October 31, 2018.

For more information on memberships and partners, visit Stay updated on the latest promos by liking GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Narada enters Ph, partners with IEZ Global and Dios Enterprise

MANILA – Narada a global company known for specializing in energy storage, is coming to the Philippines. In a strategic partnership with iEZ Global and Dios enterprise, Narada aims to address the Philippines’ issues with power storage. 

“There is a clear problem with storing and providing power in small towns in the Philippines,” says Charz Kelso Spokesperson of IEZ Global. “Narada, together with Dios Enterprise and IEZ Global, aims to work very closely with the Philippine Government by providing the knowledge technology to store energy and providing power even at night to those places.” 

At a press briefing featuring representatives from Narada, iEZ Global and Dios Enterprise, the entities answered questions from the media on how their cooperation will be mutually beneficial and ultimately establish a presence for Narada in the country. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Gabbi Garcia is the new Sony Extra Bass IT girl

Sony Extra Bass continues to bring deep bass for deeply passionate music lovers, as it officially announces its newest endorser - Millennial IT girl Gabbi Garcia.

A relatively fast rising showbiz beauty, the new Sony Extra Bass IT girl is the embodiment of youthful energy. From acting in soap operas to performing on stage, Gabbi always gives her extra in everything she does. The new Sony XB IT Girl joins DJ Rammy Bitong, dance crews A-Team and Upeepz to complete the Extra Bass crew.

“Sony Extra Bass is all about loving music and living it, and Gabbi Garcia brings to life this character. The Sony Extra Bass line is for people whose passion for music extends to all facets of their lifestyle: work, play, workout, and travel. We endeavor to provide them with a differentiated experience as they pursue their passions in life.” Nobuyoshi Otake, Managing Director of Sony Philippines explained.

Sony Extra Bass’ range of products includes portable Bluetooth speakers that are light, stylish and wireless that you can take to any party to stream high-quality sound effortlessly. Meanwhile, Sony XB’s line of headphone series boasts superior quality sound and long-listen comfort.

“Aside from acting, music is really my priority. This opportunity to be part of Sony Extra Bass brings me closer to my passion. I use it whenever I need to study songs for my performance, or when I need to set the pace for my workout or when I’m just hanging out with my friends.  I always feel extra with Sony Extra Bass.” Gabbi shared.

Watch out for more Feel the Passion, Feel the Bass moments with Sony Extra Bass’ IT girl in the coming months. The Sony Extra Bass line pumps up any party and gets you in the zone with their extensive range of heart-thumping products.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

RCBC Savings Bank launches Dash and Drive raffle promo

As the inflation uptrend continues to impact consumer spending, hefty offers that give more value for money are a welcome breather.

RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) introduces the Dash and Drive raffle promo, where a free dash cam and a chance to win an all-expense-paid 4 days/3 nights trip for 2 to Bangkok awaits buyers of brand-new cars at selected Honda and Isuzu dealerships.

To earn an electronic raffle entry, visit any participating Yuchengco Group of Companies’ (YGC) Honda or Isuzu dealership and avail of an RSB auto loan worth at least P300,000. A free dashcam is given to those with a minimum loanable amount of P850,000 and a loan term of at least 3 years.

Participating dealerships are as follows:
Honda Dealerships: Fairview, Greenhills, Kalookan, Marcos Hi-way. Manila, Marikina and Quezon City
Isuzu Dealerships: Commonwealth, Greenhills, Manila, and Leyte.

Promo period is from October 2 to December 31, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.

RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) is the consumer banking arm of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) and a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). It is one of the top thrift banks in the country, with over 150 business and lending centers nationwide. Retail financial services include deposit and investment products, as well as auto and housing loans. For more information on RCBC Savings Bank, visit

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Discover the winning formula for business success

World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, tells business executives to always take a step back and ask themselves one critical question – is it worth it? It is one of the things that most business schools do not teach but every CEO must know, or one can always learn the hard way.

According to Dr. Marshall, there are three life lessons that every person must learn, especially CEOs and business leaders, in order to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. The first is winning is not everything.

“One problem of the successful people I work with is winning too much. It is important for one to win – meaningful win, critical win, trivial win, and even those not worth it, we want to win anyway. Winners love to win. Problem is we want to win too much,” said Dr. Marshall.

A key to success is you don’t have to always win. The more you make others win, the more successful you become. In the drive to win all the time, most people lose out on life’s other equally important aspects.

Dr. Marshall adds another lesson – stop trying to add value to everything. “In most cases, when a person comes up with a great idea, the natural tendency is instead of saying it is a great idea, one would say it’s a nice idea but why don’t you add this to it,” said Dr. Marshall.

While the value of the idea comes up by 5 percent, the commitment of the person to executing the idea goes down 50 percent.

And the third lesson is - don’t judge too much. One of the key lessons that are not taught is to help others more and judge less. “Before making a judgmental comment, stop, breathe, and think if this is going to help your relationship. If the answer is no, do you really have to say it?” said Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Marshall will have a two-day, two-city tour in Asia this October and will be at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on October 26, 2018, for the CEO, HR, & Senior Leaders Conference. He will be joined by Dr. Peter Chee, ITD President and the 1st Asian ranked among the top 6 Global Coaching Gurus, and Serely Alcaraz, #1 master trainer and chief coach at ITD World.

The Conference is an ITD Mega Guru event that will let you learn from the best to be the best. Attending this one-day-only event is a must for top-level leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR, Organizational Development and Training professionals. For more information and registration, call ITD World Philippines at +632 887 7428, email at, or visit