Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Globe Virtual Hangouts bridging 5G Hackathon to Pinoy youth

Globe Prepaid’s Virtual Hangouts brings the 5G Hackathon to participants nationwide for a more collaborative and immersive online learning experience.

Virtual Hangouts was first introduced by Globe last year to continue bringing events that Gen Z may have missed like concerts, gaming tournaments, interactive K-experiences & fan meets, and learning summits geared towards different passion points such as music, eSports, K-Culture, and campus life.

This time, Globe Prepaid’s Virtual Hangouts powers the 5G Hackathon Headquarters which houses the enablement workshops starting May 21. These workshops cover a wide range of topics pushing 5G technology and innovations for reinvented experiences and real-world applications. 


Students and 5G Hackathon participants will learn from the leaders in various industries such as:


Case Study of Successful Startup that ‘Made it Big’

Jared B. Reimer (President & Founder, Cascadeo)


Social Impact and Innovation

Virgilio Linis (Program Manager, Animo Labs)

Federico Gonzalez (Executive Director, Animo Labs)


SME Innovations in the New Normal

Fay Cruz (Head of Small and Medium Business Strategy, Globe)


The Basics of Pitching

Natasha Bautista (Head of Marketing Communications and Program Management, 917Ventures)


The Evolution of G (Exploring the Possibilities of 5G)

Gerhard Tan (Director of Network Strategy, Globe)


Not only that, participants will further learn from more industry experts from Google, Amazon, Intel, Huawei, and more of Globe’s technology partners.


These workshops will be held in the 5G Hackathon Headquarters’ main hall where the participants and mentors can gather and socialize. The innovative venue also harmonizes learning and play with features such as the Time Capsule where they can voice their expectations and thoughts about joining the hackathon, and a Photo Booth to capture their proud 5Genius moment which they can customize with 5G stickers.


“We continue to seek ways to bring people together through technology.  Globe reinvents learning further by making the sessions more immersive and interactive through Virtual Hangouts. We also created this platform to provide a venue for idea cultivation to further empower the youth,” said Eric Tanbauco, Globe Head of Prepaid.


Ten teams with the best ideas will be selected to present and demonstrate their prototype in the 2-week hackathon following the workshops and pitch competition. The top three winners will not only receive half a million pesos in cash but also a chance to turn their ideas into a business venture under 917Ventures, the corporate venture builder arm of Globe.


The Globe 5G Hackathon is part of the company’s efforts to educate the youth and encourage them to explore the possibilities of 5G technology in improving the future. Globe is committed to supporting 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include UN SDG No. 9 which aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.


To register for the Globe 5G Hackathon, visit .  Download the GlobeOne App and check out the Virtual Hangouts section to know more about upcoming events.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

PLDT Enterprise drives digital transformation of Lipa City for improved public services

(Manila, Philippines – May 10, 2021) PLDT Enterprise recently announced its partnership with the City Government of Lipa to roll out digital services that will help improve governance and the delivery of public services for its constituents.

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups recognizes the importance of supporting government especially in its infrastructure needs, saying “it is imperative that we are one with the government to improve the delivery of critical public services during these unprecedented and very challenging times. PLDT Enterprise reiterates this commitment with the establishment of its partnership with the Lipa City Government aimed at transforming the LGU’s digital capabilities.”

Lipa City is 86 kilometers south of Metro Manila and is the most populous city in Batangas. The so-called “Little Rome of the Philippines” is home to several historic Catholic churches, convents, seminaries, Catholic schools and retreat houses, and local businesses which can fully leverage and maximize the benefits of its IT Infra Enhancement Project, as this will widens its coverage to more residents and businesses in the area.

PLDT’s Premium iGate Internet, with its unparalleled connectivity founded on the country's most extensive fiber optic backbone, and Voice Communications solutions, built on the country’s strongest and wide range communication infrastructure, will assure the city of connectivity that is reliable and resilient.

Lipa City Mayor Eric Africa said that as part of his Digital Roadmap for the city, he wants to improve and enhance his LGU’s IT infrastructure. With PLDT’s Premium iGate, SIP trunks, and #MyNumber soon to be operational on a broad scale in the LGU, this will become a reality. He says that “the people of Lipa City deserve no less than the best service, and I am particularly grateful that PLDT Enterprise has partnered with us to provide the best service solutions to enhance Lipa’s digital infrastructure. This will not only be cost-efficient, but more importantly, it will allow us to provide better and more efficient public services using advanced technologies. To be able to streamline operational processes and centralize the LGU’s Internet, data and voice communications will help eliminate long queues and even red tape.”

Despite the continuing challenges of the global health crisis, PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Lipa is upbeat about this partnership. The global standards and features of PLDT Enterprise’s Premium iGate, SIP trunks and #MyNumber will address pain points of Lipa residents and enable the city to have a world-class Information and Communications Technology infrastructure. This solid improvement in their digital landscape is projected to attract more businesses to set up shop in this emerging key city.

"Through this partnership, we at PLDT Enterprise aim to transform the local public services of Lipa that will enable the LGU to better help its citizens most especially in these times of need," says Vic Tria, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head. "We signify our commitment in supporting Lipa LGU with our innovative technologies and services to boost their transformation initiatives."

For more information on PLDT Enterprise and its partnership with Lipa City, visit 

Monday, May 10, 2021

917Ventures’ KodeGo helps upskill Filipino software engineers

KodeGo, 917Ventures’ new web development educational bootcamp, aims to raise the caliber of Filipino software engineers and address unemployment gaps in the country.

The venture aims to produce front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developers through extensive hands-on experience, peer-programming, and building real-world projects.


“We want to produce great innovators, so we equip our students to become frontrunners in digital transformation through web development essentials, client-side and server-side programming, server hosting, activities, and real-world projects as well as career development,” said Joshua Sta. Ana, KodeGo Venture Builder.

After completing the three-month online course, the graduates of the tech school are referred to partner companies including Globe and other subsidiaries of the Ayala Group of Companies to help fill thousands of job positions for software engineers.


“Since technology is continuously moving forward, more and more companies are looking for excellent software engineering skills to push technology limits further,” Sta. Ana added.


Short-term courses are available to fresh graduates and career shifters with no upfront payment. Instead, students pay a percentage of their income after finishing the bootcamp. More tech and non-tech courses will also be available at KodeGo in the future.


KodeGo is one of the business ideas taken in by 917Ventures under its Velocity program for promising ventures. 917Ventures supports and helps venture builders augment a successful business to progress into a standalone entity.


A fully-owned subsidiary of Globe, 917Ventures is the largest corporate venture builder in the Philippines.  Among its portfolio companies are mobile money service giant GCash, digital marketing firm AdSpark, telehealth companies KonsultaMD and HealthNow, customer engagement and loyalty undertakings RUSH, as well as online grocery shopping PureGo.


Through its venture builders program, 917Ventures continues to ideate, launch, and accelerate business ideas in the fields of eCommerce, Healthtech, Fintech, Adtech, and other digital initiatives.


To know more about KodeGo and 917Ventures, visit and

PLDT Enterprise addresses need for secure, high-performance connectivity with iGate

(Manila, Philippines – May 2021) The global pandemic has pushed industries to shift their operations digitally to better cater to their customers' changing needs. For instance, banking and financial institutions expanded their portfolio of banking and payment platforms, while a majority of BPO companies shifted to work from home set up—both of which require applications that rely on stable, reliable, and secure internet connection. On this front, PLDT Enterprise has ensured that industries are able to address these bandwidth-intensive requirements through high-performance connectivity solutions.

“The challenges of the pandemic have pushed us further at PLDT Enterprise to tailor-fit our solutions guaranteed to assure businesses that they can continue their operations and ultimately transform their business. We continuously expand our network infrastructure and strengthen our connectivity solutions such as iGate, to enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation," said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

PLDT Enterprise offers Dedicated Internet Access (iGate) solution, which enables businesses with managed connectivity to the Internet and comes with guaranteed speeds and the flexibility to scale. iGate delivers highly resilient enterprise-grade internet access, ideal for medium to large corporate internet access requirements, for deploying robust internet-based platforms and initiatives such as online banking, e-commerce and online services, and for running bandwidth-intensive and latency-critical applications.

Currently, iGate runs over PLDT’s extensive and robust IP network which uses different international submarine cable networks to ensure maximum resiliency, and connect to various internet networks via direct peering arrangements with major carriers, ISPs, Content Providers and Internet Exchange Points —giving businesses high quality and low latency connections to specific Point-of-Interest of enterprises.

“With more than 70 million Filipinos using the internet and Philippines ranking highest in internet usage, it is imperative that businesses leverage on a dedicated and highly reliable connectivity service so they can adapt to digital models seamlessly and serve customers continuously. And we are confident that iGate’s extreme capabilities will enable businesses to fulfill both,” says Jojo Gendrano, FVP & Head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions.

iGate’s extreme performance and reliability are two key factors customers look for in their digital experience. A third crucial factor is security, since data is the bloodline of businesses today. Furthermore, with iGate’s performance that can burst up to double the subscribed bandwidth any time of the day and a reinforced 99.9% SLA, businesses get value for their money with iGate’s extreme capabilities and service inclusions.

Gary Ignacio, PLDT Enterprise Vice President & Head of Fixed Core Business Solutions pointed out the security features of iGate. “The increased dependence on internet also brought about increased online attacks. We value the security of data and continue to fortify the security aspects of our fiber-powered internet solutions. By leveraging on the Group’s comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio and capabilities, we are able to deliver the right cybersecurity solution and recommend the ideal security stack to complement our enterprise  internet offers.”

PLDT is currently the highest-ranked ISP in the Philippines according to the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) Ranking—the world-leading organization for Internet performance measurement and research. This further reinforces the robustness and extensiveness of PLDT’s IP Network. 

PLDT iGate is dedicated to build a resilient, fiber-powered enterprise with its extreme performance, reliability, and security. To know more about iGate, visit

Friday, May 7, 2021

Globe At Home says #SagotKitaMa to all hard-working moms this Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while families still can’t celebrate in the grandest ways we’re used to like trips out of town or dining out, Globe At Home helps with fun ideas and activities that the entire family can enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend.

For all the hard-working moms and mother figures in our lives, Globe At Home says #SagotKitaMa and calls on the rest of the family members to band together and give mom the rest and relaxation she deserves this Mother’s Day weekend!


Starting May 7, the World At Home portal will open its doors for select Globe At Home customers and reveal different rooms that will house exclusive content and all sorts of fun ideas and activities that the entire family can do together.


Give mom a break from the kitchen this weekend and take some tips from Globe At Home as they’ll be providing a variety of restaurant-inspired recipes you can prepare and cook for mom from the Learn Room.


Since all moms are lovingly unique, it may be heard to get her a gift that fits her personality best. Is she a certified plantita? Maybe she’s a certified foodie? Or perhaps she’s into crafts? Globe At Home helps you pick out a gift for your mom just by answering a few questions at the Earn Room! Completing the short quiz reveals a selection of gift ideas from local online shops run by mompreneurs selected by Globe At Home as a way to show support, promote, and celebrate today’s wais moms.


Register through this link to gain exclusive access to the World At Home platform starting May 7


More surprises are in store from Globe At Home to the first 200 Globe At Home customers who will stay and participate throughout the 3-day celebration such as vouchers for GInsure and KonsultaMD because the best gift ever that we can give to mom is the security and care she needs. Globe At Home offers 3 months coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue worth up to P140,500 via GInsure, plus access to medical consultations via KonsultaMD when they complete the tasks at the World At Home portal.


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