Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ready, Set, Bass: Gabbi Garcia shares her EXTRA playlist for every mood

Sony’s new EXTRA BASS “It Girl” Gabbi Garcia runs us through her current playlist; sharing her top favorite jams for every mood. A typical day for this rising star requires wearing different hats - an artist, a music student, and a global brand endorser. How does Gabbi cope with the demands of her job and the stress that comes with it? Well, she gets by with a little help from her favorite songs. 
“People know I live with deep passion for music, and this is actually one of my priorities alongside acting. So here’s how my current playlist looks like with every mood I’m in.”
Feeling Ecstatic! 
​“When I feel very light and optimistic, and I’m claiming that it will be my best day ever, I got Ben&Ben’s Sunrise as my default go-to song. And for days that are EXTRA, like when I feel super excited and I need that EXTRA push before I go on-stage, I jam to Pateros by Apartel.”
The Sony EXTRA BASS It girl is a huge fan of OPM music. Just this year, she also releases her own single,
All I Need. Gabbi also shares that she tags along with her very own Sony SRS-XB31 portable speakers especially when she needs a boost of positive energy.  

Taking it Slow
“​Every now and then, just like everyone else, I also have those slow downtime moments when I’m feeling a little bit sad, a little bit sentimental. During these days, my wireless Sony headphones (MDR-XB650BT) are my best company. My current playlist for this mood would be Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex - I zone out with this in the background. And I also chill to Jess Connelly’s Turn Me Down during days when I’m booked with shoots and tapings.” 
Despite that Gabbi is basically living life on the fast lane, she shares that getting some alone time to free her mind and meditate is her trick to take it slow from time to time. 
Pump it Up!
Gabbi ensures to keep herself fit and healthy by doing her regular trips to the gym, and according to this busy It girl, what better way to keep the sweat going than by listening to New Rules by Dua Lipa
“I just love listening to Dua Lipa while working out. It keeps my energy high and good vibes are just overflowing. As soon as I hit the gym, I’m game on so I use my wireless in-ear Sony earphones (WF-SP700N) it’s Bluetooth activated so I can move freely and just focus on my fitness program.” 
Another Dua Lipa fave is One Kiss, which goes on repeat when she’s with friends and family; blasting it on a full volume using her GTK-XB60 speakers. 
As a self-professed music lover, Gabbi doesn’t go a day without listening to her favorite songs. The Sony EXTRA BASS series - from wireless headphones to in-ear earphones, to speakers let her enjoy music as she segues from one schedule to another. Now, she’s listening to her current favorites with EXTRA passion and with EXTRA BASS
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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kids make recess refreshingly fun with Jolly Kiddie Meal Tumblers

The country’s leading fast-food chain’s Jolly Kiddie Meal makes school recess and playtime breaks more refreshingly fun for kids with its Jolly Tumblers! The colorful and jolly-looking beverage containers are one of the convenient ways for young ones to bring their favorite drinks to school, the playground, and to their playmate’s house.

With the new Jolly Kiddie Meal Tumblers, young ones can enjoy their favorite fruit juices, iced tea, milk and chocolate drinks, or water anytime and anywhere with their most-loved Jollibee and Friends mascots.

With its built-in straw, kids can easily sip beverages from their rainbow-colored Jolly Tumblers. They can also play with Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum by turning the gear and seeing the Jollibee and Friends mascots rotate on top of their tumblers.

The Jolly Kiddie Meal Tumblers come with every purchase of a Yumburger (P80), Yumburger Meal with Drink (P100), Jolly Spaghetti (P95), Jolly Spaghetti Meal with Drink (P105), 1-piece Burger Steak (P95), 1-piece Burger Steak Meal with Drink (P105), 1-piece Chickenjoy with rice (P120), or 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal with Drink (P135), each with its own Jolly Joy Box.

Get all five collectible Jolly Tumblers from December 1 to 31 and make your kids’ recess more refreshingly fun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DJs Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG talk sex among young adults

They are known for casually making green jokes and getting away with the most exciting (and sometimes erotic) discussions “on air”, to the delight of their amused fans and listeners, especially those caught in early evening traffic or stuck in offices with OT work.

The trio of radio disc jockeys Slick Rick (Eric Virata), Tony Toni (Tony Bueno) and Sam YG (Sam Gogna) have made Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out (BNO) a legendary radio talk show in the early evening time slot, especially with their crazy antics, uniquely challenging games with celebrity guests, and the most candid opinions about love, sex and anything in between.

So, it was no surprise that the “bad boys of radio” have actively taken on an advocacy that is within their “area of expertise”, yet one that tackles an issue brought about by unprotected sex—HIV infection.

As advocates of Durex Philippines’ “Always Come Prepared”, a campaign geared towards raising awareness on human immunodeficiency virus infection, especially among young adults, the trio have gone out of their way to engage their listeners about the dangers of the virus and what infected people can do to get treatment.

“The HIV/AIDS infection is a global health problem that started decades ago. Yet today, its prevalence is still growing and now affects young Filipino adults. This is what convinced us to help out, especially since we realized the potential impact of us talking to our listeners and fans about this concern,” said Tony Toni.

Latest figures from the HIV/AIDS & Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) Registry Data indicate that 31 new HIV infections are diagnosed daily and 1 of every 3 new cases are from 15 to 24-year-old individuals.

Aside from raising awareness about HIV in their radio show, the Boys Night Out trio also visited the Far Eastern University and Lyceum of the Philippines University and partnered with the FEU Central Student Organization and the LPU Manila Central Student Government for a sex education and HIV awareness talk among thousands of students. Known for their antics, the Boys Night Out trio and Durex share the same advocacy to remove the taboo on conversations about sex and HIV to raise awareness about the issue and potentially save lives.

Monday, December 10, 2018

15 Teams Remain in the Running for the ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 Crown

The biggest Rules of Survival tournament in the Philippines is heading into its final round as the country’s 15 best ROS squads gear up for the ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 Grand Finals! The Playoffs proper kicked off formally on December 1, 2018, with 45 participants, the squads have been whittled down to the final 15 participants still in the running for the championship title and the lion’s cut of the massive prize pool. The champions also stand to gain some great Rules of Survival in-game items!


Playoffs Grand Finals: December 15, 2018 – MI Taft: Madison

Total: PHP 325,000 + over PHP 175,000 worth of in-game items
Champion: PHP 100,000 + 4x Monster-M1
2nd Place: PHP 80,000 + 4x Pegasus-I
3rd Place: PHP 50,000 + 4x Blazing Flash A1
4th Place: PHP 40,000 +4x Monotint Monkey
5th Place: PHP 30,000 + 4x Monotint Monkey
6th Place: PHP 25,000 + 4x Monotint Monkey
7th Place: 2000 Diamonds + 4x Fuzzinator
8th Place: 2000 Diamonds + 4x Fuzzinator
9th Place: 2000 Diamonds + 4x Fuzzinator
10th Place: 1600 Diamonds + 4x Jack O’Helmet
11th Place: 1600 Diamonds + 4x Jack O’Helmet
12th Place: 1600 Diamonds + 4x Jack O’Helmet
13th Place: 1000 Diamonds + 4x Street Walker
14th Place: 1000 Diamonds + 4x Street Walker
15th Place: 800 Diamonds + 4x Street Walker

The grandest Rules of Survival tournament is made possible by the concerted efforts of the number one esports event organizer in Asia, MET, along with the broadcasting platform, NimoTV, and NetEase.

The final fifteen competitors are made up of the top four teams per branch that has topped the scoreboards in the first stage of the Playoffs. The final three squads joining the rest of the competitors in the Grand Finals are the two squads with the highest points that barely made the cut for the top 12. The final squad joining the Grand Finals won their slot via fan-voting.


Team Bakunawa B
Savage Gaming
Team Bakunawa A

Chupon Gaming


Cheater Slayer Nambawaa
Team MIX

The Grand Finals of the ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 will take place on December 15, 2018, from 1:00PM to 9:00PM. The final fifteen squads will only have one day left to prove to the rest of the competition that they are the best Rules of Survival squad in the Philippines. Only one squad will take home the championship title and the largest share of the whopping PHP 500,000 prize pool!

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