Saturday, April 6, 2013

Firefox, Chrome beta versions updated

The beta versions of the most popular browsers, Firefox and Chrome have been updated with performance improvements and other tweaks.

Firstly, the Firefox beta of the Android app has been updated with open-source fonts Charis and Open Sans, which replace the default fonts in the browser. The latest addition will give you a clear reading experience and is visually appealing. The update also comes with minor HTML 5 compatibility tweaks. On the other hand, the updated desktop version of the browser now allows you to re-open the tabs that was previously closed.
The latest Chrome 27 beta now loads the web pages a lot faster than the earlier versions. The changes in the resource scheduler, the code which takes care of the order in which HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other things likes images are loaded by the browser.
The latest version of the resource scheduler is more aggressive and uses an idle connection to preload the images. The updated scheduler also pushes the images back to its point to prioritize painting and then displays the content in the browser, which makes the browser load 5% faster than the previous versions.
The Chrome 27 beta also comes with a new offline storage API, which synchronizes stored data across its clients via Google Drive automatically. However, the files are stored in private sandboxes and can be changed with the help of HTML 5 file API and FileSystem API. The browser now has the ability to use live audio as an input for the web Audio API, which allows low-latency audio playback and changes.

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