Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First A-Series device likely to arrive as the BlackBerry Z30

Over the course of the last few OS leaks, there has been more and more information popping up about future BlackBerry 10 devices that may be hitting the market. The last time we saw an A-Series device, it was marked as the Z00 and that was presumed to be a placeholder but indicative of the fact that BlackBerry, at the very least, had plans to make it part of the Z-Series when officially launched.

Someone from Blackberry recently went through his list of ideas for what the device may be called, but most of the information found within a new OS is pointing to the device being called the BlackBerry Z30. This info is based off of an OS that has been built three days ago, which now contains the retail device demo information that the naming and imagery for the BlackBerry Z10 came from in the past.
I wouldn't go so far as to say it's now definitive, given how much information has been extracted from OS' in the past little while, maybe someone at BlackBerry decided to strike back a little and play with our emotions by tossing the file in there. After all, the BlackBerry Q10 naming did mostly remain a secret up until the point it was officially announced. 

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