Saturday, October 5, 2013

BBM for Android beta testing starts up again, new version available to beta testers

We're now getting reports that a new BBM for Android beta has been released to those selected as part of the beta test groups. Although the majority of folks will still have to wait to use it, this is a nice sign that things are still moving ahead on the matter.
According to some of the emails we've received, the latest beta has some changes in place from previous versions aside from the normal bug fixes. A new welcome screen explaining the app notifications is now present, the persistent notification running in the status bar can now optionally be disabled and finally, the UI as a whole has received some more polish.
As expected, no mention was made of a potential release date to beta testers but at the very least, we now know things are moving ahead and that's a nice sign of BlackBerry staying true to their previous comments about the cross-platform launch of BBM. We'll keep you all in the loop with the latest but be sure to also follow the BBM account on Twitter

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