Tuesday, December 17, 2013

24K Gold Plated Xbox One Showcased

Recently, we have seen gold plated iPhoneHTC One and a couple of other smartphones go up on sale. Now, we have a special edition of Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console, which is covered in 24 carat gold.

Harrods, a popular high-end retailer in the UK has showcased the gorgeous looking gaming console. The impressive handmade gadget is up for grabs for £6,000 (about $9,774)I don't know if this will be available in the Philippine market though,just in case this will be available in the local market scene, I am sure you would want to get your hands on this.
Apart from the inclusion of real gold, the hardware specifications of the Xbox One remain identical to the international edition. The Xbox One comes with a customized octa-core CPU made by AMD and features a 500GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and BLU-ray drive.If you just can’t stand the thought of having the same console as everyone else out there and you have a heap of cash to burn specially this Christmas Season, then you can head on to the Harrods store and walk away with the gold Xbox One.

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