Thursday, December 26, 2013

Avegant Glyph wearable display to debut at CES 2014

Avegant announced that it is working on a wearable display product known as Glyph. The upcoming gadget will make use of a virtual retina display, which beams the images right into your eyeballs.

The Glyph focuses on portability as the device is said to be very light and consumes very little power. Avegant has announced that the company will be showing its latest development at the Consumer Electronic Show in January.

Avegant’s Glyphs actually looks like a pair of headphones, but has a visor that can be pulled down to turn on the display. With the usage of custom optics and micro-mirrors, the LED light is focused on your retina and lets you get a vivid image.
Apart from the display, the device also has headphones that are capable of delivering 20Hz – 20 KHz sound from 40mm drivers. Avegant has included an internal battery, which should last for about two-three hours before running out of juice.
The Gylph is currently in its final phase of production and is an open source project that can be used with computers, consoles, smartphones and tablets. Avegant will launch a Kickstarter campaign on January 22 with the pledges starting at $500.

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