Tuesday, December 10, 2013

F&B World and Eats 2014 Book Launch: A New Kind Of Flavor

Makati,Philippines - as i was walking around the mall yesterday and about to go home, i was able to spot a unique but awesome kind of event. Curious guy that i was, i tried and managed to asked some of the organizers what is the event all about; And to my astonishment, it was a book launch of 2 of the most sought after books of the season,specially that the holidays are just around the corner.

I managed to introduce myself to them and told them that i was a blogger,and in that moment they told me to sign up and come in to experience this once and a lifetime kind of food tasting and book launched held inside an elite mall in the middle of Makati.

If you are into food, and you are wondering what are the food or dishes that will satisfy you and your guests this coming Christmas and New Year, well this is the book for you! Introducing to you is the F&B World Magazine that contains the most flavorful and the most mouth watering dishes ever prepared by world renowned chefs and cooks. This magazine marked the year 2013, as their 10th year of bringing the food service industry together,it is the only trade publication for the food and beverage industry that connects its readers to the latest news and trends in the food service sector from the past decade.

Armed with a roster of individuals who have made their mark in their respective sectors, F&B World has been able to convey timely trends and fearless forecasts that remain true today. While Eats 2014 is your ultimate handy guide to your next gastronomic adventure,it highlights restaurants that offer scrumptious dishes based on Filipinos' usual cravings - from burgers,to meat,fish and seafood, to all-day breakfast meals,sweets, and even healthy options.

And based on the descriptions that i have given to you, it is right for them to call the event in which they have launched these two notable reads as "Savor"-"A decade of F&B World connections and good Eats".

With that said, you can imagine how many restaurants and food chain has been able to participate in this event and let there audiences and attendees have a taste of their uniqueness specially in your palette.Truly, Filipino flavor at its finest.

This event has been made possible by Southern Living,Northern Living, and Avida in partnership with Hinge Inquirer. Both F&B World and Eats 2014 are now available in all of your favorite bookstores nationwide.        

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