Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vulnerability Found In Samsung Knox Software

It has been a busy day for me these past few days, specially yesterday which is Christmas. Having a long day yesterday was quite amazing seeing kinds in the streets wearing their best dresses accompanied by their parents to go from places to places just to get a gift from their grandparents or uncles or aunties. Also, in the past few days their has been a lot things that has been done and going on with me specially in which the holiday is concern,that is why this is again the time for me to sit down and write down an update for you guys.Well, just to get back to business,The corporate world has made a substantial migration from the Blackberries of old to iOS and Android. In a scramble to pick up that corporate market share, Samsung created Knox, its own security software designed to fortify Google's OS, and make it secure for business environments. However, a "serious vulnerability" has been found in Knox which could put users' data at risk.

According to cyber security researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, emails and data communications on Samsung devices are among the data susceptible to the exploit. Hackers are able to record and "easily interpret" the data which is supposed to be protected. The worst part of the vulnerability is that a capable malicious attacker could insert hostile code via the breach, thus creating system-wide harm.
The chink in Knox's digital armor was reportedly found earlier this month. Samsung has denied the severity of the vulnerability and has argued that the handset which was tested did not have all of Knox's features installed.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is being considered for use by the US Department of Defense's staff, including internal use in the Pentagon. If a foreign manufacturers' handsets aren't deemed secure, then there is no way the US government will consider using the phones. Samsung could therefore be losing a lucrative government contract if Knox can't make the cut.

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