Monday, January 27, 2014

15% of Windows Phone carry the GDR3 update

Microsoft is big on uniformity with their Windows Phone brand: you’re not going to see any skinned versions of their quickly rising mobile platform anytime soon. As a result, manufacturers also face some hardware restrictions. Maximum screen resolution and maximum processor speed caps are part of the territory.

The GDR3 update rollout isn’t going particularly quickly though and several months after its release only 15% of the Windows Phones surveyed in Q4 2013, are carrying it.
Of course, we got several updates from Nokia in January and will all newly sold WP handsets packing GDR out of box, chances are that adoption will grow quickly. However, Microsoft will certainly need to step up its game in the future and show the positive side of uniformity – quick updates. Otherwise the strong limitations of the platform only serve to limited choice for end users.

Mendelvich also reported on the top 12 selling Windows Phones: and all of them are Nokia handsets, unsurprisingly.

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