Monday, January 6, 2014

Apple working on a 5.7-inch iOS phablet

According to an article posted on the Japanese version of Yahoo news, Apple plans to announce a whole new series of "big sized" iPhones, carrying a display of 5.7" or larger. These aren't to be confused with the iPhone 6, which has a planned official release date of September. The "Big iPhone" is expected to be announced in May.
Under the hood, the Apple phablet probably won't be powered by the upcoming rumored A8 chipset, but the A7 that the iPhone 5S currently employs.

These rumors suddenly gain more credence when we consider the reported bigger iPad Pro that is supposed to go public in March. Also, one of the main things that the Android flagships have over the iPhone, it's screen size. It could be that Apple wants to try and nab up the market share that it has been missing out on. A phablet iOS device could very well help towards rebuilding the company's market share.

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