Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dual-SIM Motorola Moto G debuts, Australia gets first dibs

Back when the Motorola Moto G was announced, company officials went on record saying that there’s a dual-SIM version coming down the road, but provided no details on either pricing or availability. Well, now we have at least one piece of the puzzle as the dual-SIM Moto G has landed Australia.

The information comes courtesy of Motorola’s official webpage for the land Down Under, so it should be a pretty certain deal. The new Moto G version has seemingly debuted very recently, as we were unable to locate any online stores in Oz that actually have dual-SIM units in stock. That’s why we are also unable to comment on the price difference between them and the regular Moto G.
Here’s hoping that Motorola expands the availability of the dual-SIM Moto G to more markets shortly. With the first version doing quite well on its own, another one which allows you to optimize your spending on phone bills could help the company grab significant share in certain markets.

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