Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flappy Bird Saying So Long?

Love Flappy Bird? Well we’ve got some sad news: turns out the game’s developer, Dong Nguyen, is taking the popular new title down.

He tweeted the information, which indicates that the game will be pulled offline tomorrow.

The reason? Nguyen says, “I cannot take this anymore.” It sure is a cryptic message, and any guesses as to what he would mean would be mere speculation at this point. All we know is that Nguyen insists the reasons for taking the game down are not related to legal issues, and that he merely never wanted the notoriety that came along with making the game.
He did receive some backlash from fans who pestered him for creating a title that was inspired by the Mario Bros. Series, so that may have been one of the deciding factors that led Nguyen to finally call it quits.
The game gained widespread popularity almost immediately, getting iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone versions very quickly. The game was earning Nguyen tens of thousands of dollars a day, which makes it all the more puzzling why he would take it down.

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