Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jobskee:Simple Job Open Source Board For Everyone

Ever wonder of looking for a job board? or did you ever wonder how does a job board work and how do companies benefit from it?

Recently, i was able to meet a nice lady named Elinore Tenorio and according to her, she was able to develop and organize a new startup called "Jobskee". According to her, " I feel that there is lack of options for creating job boards for small and medium businesses,who cannot afford commercial job boards or companies that just need a quick job board for their job openings without investing much in development"
Also, a Job Board is an online service that employers use to advertise jobs.

So, during this time in which a lot of businesses and companies depend on Job Boards, or the development to which they can be able to reach and get man power through technology,Jobskee is the best option in which you can just be able to download, and customize to your own style or your business fit the job board that you need for you to gain more human resource for your company. According to their site services, they are offering installation,content migration,premium support,theme implementation and consultation services to which they will bring their expertise in advising your business on how best to use IT to meet your job board objectives. In addition to providing advice, they can estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer your job boards on your behalf or as needed. For more information about their services and deployment do visit their site at

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