Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 powered by Exynos 3250

We have known about the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 for a little while now, but the Korean tech manufacturer didn’t really reveal any juicy tidbits about the internal specs of the devices.

Well Samsung has spilled the beans and we now know that the Gear 2 will be powered by a new Exynos processor with a couple of interesting modifications.

The original Samsung Galaxy Gear used a dual-core Exynos CPU, but its chipset was scaled back a bit. This was to preserve battery life and help you get more use out of your smartwatch.
The Gear 2′s CPU runs at 1GHz and uses both of its dual-cores all the time without sacrificing juice. How is this possible? Samsung replaced Android with Tizen, which is a less hungry OS than Android and operates more efficiently on the new wearable.
What about the Gear Fit? Well its chipset is the simpler of the two: a Cortex M4 that hardly classifies as a real-deal processor. But then again, the Gear Fit isn’t even using a full-blown OS like Android or Tizen, just a real time OS that has been programmed to take care of a few specific tasks quickly. The downside to this is that user customization is pretty much out of the question, not making it the purchasing choice for tinkerers and people who may want to run additional, out-of-the-box applications on their smartwatch.
Do either of these devices tickle your fancy? Or does no Android mean no dice for you?

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