Friday, May 9, 2014

The new Samsung NX3000 smart camera is a selfie-obsessed NX1000

Samsung just unveiled the NX3000 smart camera – an interchangeable lens camera with advanced connectivity features. It goes back to relying more on hardware controls than on touchscreen controls, similar to the NX1000.

It has a 20.3MP APS-C sensor that can record 1080p videos, the same basic specs as its two predecessors.
So what’s changed? The screen went down in size to 3″ (down from 3.7″ on the NX2000) and in resolution – the new camera has an HVGA screen (compared to VGA on the NX1000, WVGA on the NX2000). It is a flip-up display though, plus Wink Shot for those all-important selfies.
Size has remained about the same – 117.4×65.9×39.0(26.8) mm – but there’s a new kit lens. Samsung 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS features a 9 element lens. The lens measures 64.8 x 31mm and weighs 111g.

The camera can snap photos at 1/4,000s shutter speed and supports 5fps continuous shooting. 

The advanced connectivity that makes the Samsung NX3000 a smart camera includes Home Monitor+, similar to the baby monitor feature of the Galaxy S5. There’s also AutoShare and AutoBackup, Remote Viewfinder Pro, Mobile Link and PhotoBeam.
This is done with the SmartCamera 3.0 interface over Wi-Fi b/g/n. NFC is available for easier pairing too. Despite the size of the NX3000, it relies on microSD cards for storage (as did previous models).
The Samsung NX3000 will be available in mid-June, but there’s nothing yet on the launch price. The NX2000 launch price was $650 / €649, so we are expecting this one to be slightly cheaper.

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