Sunday, June 1, 2014

ToyCon 2014:New Era of Toy and Anime Fusion

Last May 31st, Resorts World Manila has become the venue of one of the most anticipated event in toy showcase and cosplay history. ToyCon 2014 is a yearly gathering for toy collectors,enthusiasts and cosplayers to display and compete against each other and see who among them will dominate the convention. Once you witness the event, you will see different kinds of toys,collectibles and even games being played on the area. The main entree' for this show will be the competition against cosplayers coming from different parts of the country and showing off their costumes and imitating their most beloved anime characters. You can see Robocop,Naruto,Characters from Final Fantasy and many more.

You will be amazed in seeing how creative and dedicated these young fellows putting their time and effort just to make a detailed copy of the costumes or attire of their favorite animated or movie characters.

A lot of people from media and all walks of life came in to witness this one day event. It is indeed a wonderful sight and a happy feeling knowing all sorts of anime characters being portrayed on this momentous event.

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