Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introducing Warrior Payments: tap into the Warrior Forum network of over 780,000 Internet marketers to sell your product or service online

SYDNEY, 22nd July, 2014: Warrior Forum, the world’s largest Internet marketing community & marketplace today launched Warrior Payments, a revolutionary all-in-one payments, analytics, affiliate marketing and distribution platform which will transform the way people sell products & services online. 

Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of (which acquired Warrior Forum in April 2014) said, “If you are an entrepreneur or startup, and trying to figure out how to launch your product or sell your product or service online, then Warrior Forum is the #1 platform to help you do this.”

“Today, I’m extremely excited to announce an innovation that we have made to Warrior Forum which turns this network of over 780,000 of the world’s top Internet marketers into your sales force, selling your product or service, making it the easiest way to make money online.”

Warrior Payments is a revolutionary platform that integrates payment processing, online product delivery, detailed analytics, affiliate marketing and distribution into one service, making it the #1 system to use for launching and selling your product or service on the Internet. It handles customer management, and connects with your preferred mailing list service like MailChimp and AWeber to automatically add customers who purchase your product to your email lists. Warrior Payments allows you to provide special limited time offers including time-sale and dime-sale to create a sense of urgency around your product launch.

Our customisable selection of awesome looking, conversion-tested “Buy Now” buttons can be easily used anywhere on the Internet, including your self-hosted sales page. Anywhere that can take a small snippet of html code can now be a place that you can sell your product or service through Warrior Payments.

Also, for the first time in the industry, Warrior Payments manages feedback and reviews from paying customers, allowing the best products & services to rise to the top quickly.

Warrior Payments is furthermore the cheapest payments solution in the industry, charging only a 2% flat fee.

On top of everything else, the best feature of Warrior Payments is that every product or service using the system goes into the Warrior Forum marketplace with detailed analytics on how these products and services are selling, and allows Warrior’s network of over 780,000 of the world’s top Internet marketers to request a payments link to sell your product or service.  Imagine having a crystal ball into the sales numbers for all the products on the Internet where you can know minute by minute, the best selling, highest converting, highest margin products as they sell. Statistics like views, clicks, reviews and conversions are now exposed to everyone, together with calculations like earnings per visitor, refund rates and average price. The risk is now taken out of selling third party products & services because you can, for the first time, know whether it will convert to sales before you decide to take it on. This secret sauce, that retailers have traditionally kept under lock and key, is now available in real-time, facilitating the crowd to instantly sell your product or service online with surety.

Alaister Low, Warrior Forum Director, said, “Warrior Forum is the home of the world’s top Internet marketing experts and entrepreneurs, like Noah Kagan (#30, #4 & Chief Sumo, App Sumo) and Matt Bacak (2010 Internet Marketer of the Year). Warrior Payments will flip the traditional world of sales inside out by exposing the analytics of how things are selling in real time and it will turn the power of the Warrior Community's 780,000 experts into your very own sales force selling your own product or service. Without a doubt, Warrior Payments will redefine the way people sell products or services online”.

To celebrate the launch of Warrior Payments, Warrior Forum is launching a competition, giving away US$20,000 in cash. The top seller on the platform will take home $10,000 and the title of 2014 Warrior Internet Marketer of the Year, and the top affiliate marketer will also take home $10,000 cash and the title of 2014 Warrior Affiliate Marketer of the Year. Competition details can be found at

About Warrior Forum®

Warrior Forum is the world’s #1 Internet marketing community & marketplace since 1997. Warrior Forum was acquired by, the world’s largest online services marketplace in 2014. The Forum is the ultimate place to launch a product, or learn to sell a product or service online with over 780,000 of the world’s top Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Warrior Forum is ranked in the world’s top 300 websites, top 200 in the United States and Canada, top 150 in the United Kingdom and top 100 in Australia according to Alexa. It is home of the War Room®, an elite discussion group of the world’s top experts in the field, and the Warrior Special Offers marketplace has launched over 65,000 products & services to date. Warrior Forum also regularly livestreams Warrior Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions globally with the world’s best entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

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