Monday, September 8, 2014

Microsoft Philippines:Azure Discovery Camp

Cloud computing is here. Running applications on machines in an Internet-accessible data center can bring plenty of advantages. Yet wherever they run, applications are built on some kind of platform. For on-premises applications, this platform usually includes an operating system, some way to store data, and perhaps more. Applications running in the cloud need a similar foundation. The goal of Microsoft Azure is to provide this. This MSDN Session is dedicated to provide the foundation and knowledge, IT Professionals and developers need in order to be successful with the Windows Azure.

In this event, the guest speaker will be Saranya Sriram, who is the Technical Evangelist from Microsoft Singapore (APAC).

Saranya is deeply wedded to Microsoft, its products and core values as this has been her 1st company and she will soon hit her decade mark in the next 1.5 years. In her previous role as a Technical Evangelist in Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) India, she was responsible for spearheading Windows Azure evangelism since its inception in PDC2008. Saranya is an eclectic mix of deep technical knowledge that has earned herself as a brand ambassador for Windows Azure within Microsoft / external communities in India and wide business acumen to help lead some of the most important Windows Azure deals in India including Essar, Maruti Suzuki, L&T, Mahindra and Mahindra, NIIT etc. She is a regular speaker at TechEd India for past 5 years and a variety of 3rd party conferences. She has been successful in engagement with internal and external stakeholder community to enable and build Windows Azure ecosystem in India. She has recently moved to APAC Area HQ role as a Technical Evangelist on Azure.

Join the Azure Discovery Camp on September 12, 2014 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at Conti's Restaurant
Greenbelt 2, Esperanza Street, Makati Philippines.

For Registration, do click here.

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