Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lamido Safepay: The Best and Safest Way to Shop This Christmas

As we all know, the holiday is almost here as we feel the cold breeze in our skin everyday. And during this season most of us are very busy not only for work, but also for our holiday shopping. A lot of us prefer the old way, like going to the malls and falling into long lines just to get that present paid and wrapped up.

But don't you think, that it would be better if you could just stayed at home, and order the things that you need this Christmas right in front of the computer, knowing that the merchant carrying the product is safe and secured as well, same as the traditional but less the hassle of going out?

We would like to introduce to you Lamido Buy and Sell. The newest and most safest way to shop online!

Lamido Buy and Sell is the number one online market place where buyers and sellers meet to make awesome deals.It is the place where you can find the Cheapest and the Most Affordable items on the Internet. You can find here a lot of selections, such as Smartphones, Computers, Clothing and Accessories that will definitely suite your budget, whatever kind of buyer you maybe. And just recently, Lamido Buy and Sell has introduced the Lamido Safepay. Lamido Safepay is an escrow service that enables Lamido to act as a third party between the seller and the buyer. This generally works by withholding the money deposited by the buyer, which will only be release once the delivery of the purchased item has been fulfilled. With this escrow service in place, it is more likely that fraudulent purchases are limited and invalid orders are also minimized. As an end result both the buyer and seller are more satisfied with the online transactions.And with this service, there is no sign up necessary. Using the Lamido Safepay ensures every buyer their safety of buying any kind of goods from Lamido Buy and SellDeposits are directly made to official bank accounts of Lamido, whereas payments are released on a weekly basis based on the shipped items by the sellers. This payment option guides buyers through a simplified process that lets them deposit payment for any purchased item through bank transfers. Lamido holds the payment until the conditions for release are met. In addition to this,payment release for Lamido Safepay is easy and convenient. The merchant prompts Lamido for shipped orders and upon submitting shipped out order list, Lamido is notified of transactions completed, Triggering a go signal to release payment to the merchant also via bank transfer.  

For more information about Lamido Buy and Sell, you can go and visit their website at

And if you are using an Android Smartphone, you can also download the Lamido application for free: Here .

Also, Lamido started a campaign called #Lamido4Charities.

Where Lamido PH have gathered 5 charities to sell their items in our site for fund raising purposes. Participating charities include, World Vision, Virlanie, Tahanan Sta. Luisa and Green Peace.  Lamido is shouldering all shipping cause for all items purchased in the website. In addition,  proceeds from the sales will be given 100% to the respective charities.  Free marketing is also offered for this campaign.  The campaign will go live starting on 

So what are you waiting for? if you are a Buyer this Christmas Season looking for something to get for their relatives or if you are a Seller, looking for a profit to gain while at home, go and visit Lamido Buy and Sell.

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