Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Cream Factory Bath & Body Creations: Perfectly Created For You

If you're not smiling after a hot shower in the New Year, then it's time to ditch the boring soap you've been using and switch to something that your skin would thank you for later.
The Cream Factory is an exciting and new US brand of bath and body creations.  The Cream Factory, the first soft soap in the world that combines the goodness and skin benefits of Netherlands goat milk and 100% active botanical ingredients sourced from around the world, is so good on your skin you're going to want to take a bath again and again. Friendly warning: this stuff can get addicting, and the number of “addicts” is rising!
A look at the 12 variants of The Cream Factory bath creams and scrubs and you'd think you're reading the dessert menu from a restaurant.  In a way, you are – “dessert for your skin” – because most of the active botanical ingredients are, in fact, edible. There are variants that feature Honey, Seaweed, Almond, Açaí Berry, Avocado, Cinnamon, and Yogurt. Yum!

“We want people to change the way they take a bath and think about baths. We want them to step out of the shower and feel good about themselves. When you feel good about yourself, chances are you're going to have a much better day overall,” said Ched Dayot, the “executioner” (which is a fancy way of saying “product manager and brand ambassador”) of Because, Inc., the company that imports The Cream Factory into the Philippines.

What's great about The Cream Factory is that you can use one variant one day and another the next. Add the equally amazing and award-winning body scrubs and you'd find yourself spending so much more time in the bath.  Customers report it is like having a spa treatment in the comfort and convenience of their own home – and they can do it every day!

“At Because, we want to celebrate the rapidly changing lifestyle of women.  People are so much more sophisticated nowadays, and better informed about the good and bad ingredients in the products they use. And this is why we are confident they will love The Cream Factory,” said Dayot.

The Cream Factory is a brand of soft soap and body scrub from the USA. In late 2013, Because launched the products in the country, making the Philippines the first country to carry the brand outside the US.  The Cream Factory has been very well-received by the beauty industry and consumers alike – a quick Internet search will reveal countless reviews from excited industry bloggers and satisfied and happy consumers who have joined the #BathRevolution, and changed the way they think about baths.

Dayot sees huge potential for the brand. A visit to the beauty section in any supermarket will tell you that some 70 percent of soaps are what would be considered “hard soaps”, or soap bars. In more developed markets, “soft soap” rules.  The Philippines is on the verge of change, and Dayot believes that the Philippines’ customer should start with the best soft soap available anywhere – The Cream Factory.

A 768-ml bottle of The Cream Factory bath cream soft soap retails at P699, while a 221-ml bottle is at P299. There are two types of goat milk and active botanical body scrubs as well: a deep cleaning “salty” scrub made with salt crystals, and a more gentle “creamy” scrub using walnut sprinkles to slough off dead skin.  The Cream Factory’s Scrub-in-a-Tub (their cute-sounding scrub name) comes in huge and convenient flip-top jars.  The “salty” scrub retails for P799, and the “creamy” scrub has a price tag of P599.
Want to be in the good books of your special someone this year?  Then give the joy and fun of The Cream Factory to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!  It’s a very special gift, your partner will love it (and love you for it), and trust us – you’ll both enjoy the immediate and amazing results when you change the way you think about baths and join the #BathRevolution.

For more information, visit www.dessertfortheskin.com. Follow The Cream Factory's social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram: Thecreamfactoryph  Twitter: TCFPH 

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