Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BlackBerry Is Still The Choice Of Global Application Partners When It Comes To HealthCare

BlackBerry, the global name known for security and productivity is the top choice among Global Application Partners when it comes to healthcare.

As we all know, most healthcare organizations today requires a platform in which can deliver the best end to end data security  to improve healthcare communications, workflow and patient care spanning.

And in align with that, BlackBerry has announced several BlackBerry Partner applications that can be used on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 devices that can enable innovative solutions for healthcare programs around the globe.

BlackBerry's ecosystem of trusted partners helps deliver the most secure enterprise solutions for healthcare that impact productivity, efficiency, patient care and cash flow of a healthcare facility. This includes everything from secure access to patient records, reports and diagnostic images from health information systems to the ability to capture and transmit critical patient data to solutions for remotely monitoring patient health. The BlackBerry portfolio of healthcare partners and apps spans several categories in growing markets:

  • Medical Reference and Screening Tools: Atmosphere, ePSS, Foundation Internet, interRAI, Lexicomp, Medscape, Pepid, QxMD Software Inc., Skyscape, Unbound Medicine.
  • EMR/HIS/EHR Access: Anoto Live Enterprise, BigHand, CareSocial, CellTrak, Goldcare, Oculys, Philips, Winscribe
  • Secure Communications and Alerts: HipLink Software, Spok.
  • Imaging: Claron Technology (acquired by Lexmark), MphRx.
  • mHealth (Telehealth): Maestros Mediline, UST Global.
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