Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maghihintay Ako Manuel: An Event To Remember

In the evening of May 22, at the Shangri- La Hotel in Manila, the "Maghihintay Ako Manuel" Event was finally unveiled. after a couple of signs that has been scattered all around the Metro, The Manuel L. Quezon University has finally has their grand reunion homecoming at the said hotel above. Being attended by media, bloggers and whole lot of prestigious guests, the MLQU has finally kicked off an event that has covered their history through the years.

 On this momentous event the MLQU has relieved there glorious years as one of the most known institution in the greater part of Manila.

The Manuel L. Quezon University is now again being revived and wants to be recognized as one of the university that is taking its path into the future.

Since the aquisition of the New San Jose Builders of the MLQU, The plan of reviving the university is one of their first priority, and on this event, the MLQU has already taken its shape, The shape in which they want to reclaim their position as one of the breeders and grounds for young champions that will soon to be top-achievers and board passers. Under the new government, the MLQU is aiming to be the university of young Quezonians in which they can harness their skills and soon spread the word about the institution.

On the night of "Maghihintay Ako Manuel", some of the great Quezonians attended and participated on a night of "throwback" and living the life on the memory lane.There are also raffles and giveaways in which some of the lucky attendees was able to take home a brand new mobile phone like Samsung and sony Experia.

The overall experience of the night was spectacular, specially when most of us who attended was brought back to the past and looked forward into the future in which MLQU and The New San Jose Builders is doing.


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