Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Asia Leaders Talk presents:Voice Care for Sales & Marketing Professionals. Make your pitch matter by Pocholo De Leon Gonzales

The Voice Master of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales believes that in Sales & Marketing, the right tone and pitch matters.
Learn how to convince your clients effectively and at the same time protecting your voice. Voice is very vital in terms of conveying the right message to the target market and closing the deal which in return contributes to a successful sales and marketing career. Voice acting has already been synonymous with the name Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. As the VoiceMaster, his voice has already been used in literally thousands of radio commercials, television commercials, telenovelas, animes, and even video games. In fact, he is already considered a veteran in voice acting at the young age of 35—quite young for such an association. However, this is no longer surprising for he started being involved in voice acting as early as 16 which means that he, indeed, has already had ample amount of experience. Now, he is more focused on teaching and guiding different sales and marketing professionals on how to efficiently use their voice literally in convincing their target clients to increase sales. Date: August 25, 2015 Where: Misono Events Place. Time: 2PM-5PM Registration Fee: Php 800.00 Slots: 50
3 easy steps to register:
1. Deposit the registration fee to TAG Media and Public Relations BPI Checking Account # 1680 0010 29
2. Scan the deposit slip
3. Send the scanned copy to grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph
For more information and registration: 09166299381 or send an email to grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph

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