Sunday, August 2, 2015

Asian Cancer Institute Launch: A Nurturing Home For Cancer Patients

The Asian Hospital in Alabang has marked a special day in which they have embarked a new milestone when it comes to medical technology and services.
The newly opened Asian Cancer Institute, located at the Building B of the Asian Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is a new haven for patients and their relatives that has been enduring and suffering from cancer.

This institution houses some of the latest technologies that has been created to ease and cure the cancer cells that has been infecting most of the Filipinos today.

According to the experts, the most common types of cancer among women are breasts cancer while lung cancer are for men. To treat this, they have facilities and great collaboration of doctors that attends to most patients with out most care.

During the media launch of the Asian Cancer Institute, most of us media has been immerse on how bad a cancer is, specially for the patient that has been enduring it all through his/her life. The institution has been established to lessen the pain and give the patients a new hope specially when it comes to its diagnosis and cure.

Most people know that each and every private hospital has been created for the people that has money and wealth, and not for the average or lower class people. But according to the CEO of the Asian Hospital and Asian Cancer Institute, This establishment has been created and built not only to those that has money, but it is also been created to cater even to the least of our brothers and sisters through its easy payment scheme and affordable payment deals.

To know more about the Asian Cancer Institute visit their website here.

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