Sunday, August 16, 2015

Connect With The People Nearby Using LINK

Manila, Philippines -- In this age of technology and Internet of Things, a lot of people are addicted to gadgets, and most of them are connected to the internet.
 All of the transactions nowadays are interconnected with each other through the use of the network that enables us to work, pay our bills, shop and even chat. A lot of social media and communication applications has been available to the local market scene, to use and experience the life with easy communication.
Most of the communication applications made available for mobile and tablets are coordinated and linked to social media sites such as Facebook to be able to integrate all of the happenings and schedules that you have in life in one social platform.

This time, another application has made surface, and this time, it enables the user to communicate and interact to his friends, family and team nearby. LINK, the new product developed for Android and iOS users has arrived to change your thinking when it comes to mobile communication and chatting. LINK is divided into 2 options: the People Nearby and the Groups Nearby

People Nearby option is great for discovering new friends that is nearby your current location or vicinity. Whether you are in town or in a trip, this option gives you the ability to communicate to new people the uses the LINK app as well.People Nearby allows you to quickly and effectively browse through the closest and most active LINKers. Profile photos, personal status, age, and the kinds of relationships that they are seeking are just some of the important information that is shown in the app. To make it easier to navigate and meet exactly who you want, filter settings let you hide less relevant LINKers from the list. Tap on the top-right corner to open the filter interface. Here, you can choose the gender and age range that you want to see, as well as how active they are and the kind of relationship that you’re looking for on LINK. Once you find someone that interests you, tap on them to visit their profile for a closer look! Personal information aside, you can also see some of their most recent activities on LINK, such as the Moments they’ve posted and Groups they’ve joined - all of which can give you more context for their personality and anything that you may have in common.

As for Groups Nearby,  it is the best way to quickly meet lots of people all at once! No matter what your hobbies and interests are, there’s a Group out there that feels the same way. And hey, if you can’t find one, you can always make one! Also,they have the Create Group option, in which you can create or make a group of your own and you can start adding people there to organize a communication.

Adding to this features is the LINK Nomad is a feature that allows you to scroll and a tap, using this gestures, you can travel the world from the comfort of your own phone. With LINKers in over 170 countries worldwide, Nomad lets you visit them and say “hi!”. Just pick a spot on the map and you can instant connect with other LINKers as if you were actually there. How cool is that? 

LINK is also a dedicated and free messenger. You can chat with just a few friends, or in groups of up to 500 people. For more private conversations, you can enable Private Chat mode with any friend for utmost privacy and discretion. So try LINK now and experience it yourself! Download it at

Want to know more about LINK? Watch the video here.

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