Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lecture on Immuno-Thoracic Oncology by Dr. Schrump

Alabang, Muntinlupa Philippines -- The Asian Hospital and Medical Center of Alabang has conducted a seminar last November 10, 2015 about Immuno-Thoracic Oncology headed by Dr. David Schrump.

This seminar focuses on various sickness and symptoms related to cancer and Immuno-Thoracic Oncology, that many of the Filipinos today is experiencing. Most of the topics that has been discussed on the said seminar is about Carcinogens and Experimentation on how can someone lower the level of carcinogens and nicotine intake, specially to those that are smokers. Attendees, mostly are doctors from the said hospital, engaged in a Q and A with Dr. Schrump, specially when it comes to the cure and vaccines that they need to lessen and medicate some cancer patients that they are currently handling.

The event started at around 9:30 in the morning with a healthy breakfast and some inspiring words from the Asian Hospital CEO. After that, Some great doctors from the hospital made their speeches and opinions as well about the types of cancers that most of the Filipinos are enduring today, and how many percentage of male and female are prone in having such disease. After that, guest speaker, Dr. David Schrump takes on the stage and provided some very interesting lectures about his topic and provided as well a couple of good "Know How" on the issues tackled.

Overall, the event gave most of its audience a glimpse and answer about Immuno-Thoracic Oncology. Provided the doctors some insights about the latest technologies that should be used, vaccines that should be issued and information that should be cascaded to their patients in the future.

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