Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Updates For K'Yan Has Been Rolled Out In The Philippines

Hello Tekkies! -- Last December 3 of 2015, Mustard Seed Corporation has launched another breakthrough when it comes to classroom teaching, and that is the K'Yan update. If you can remember, the K'Yan, is an all in one device that enables the teachers and or the speakers that is using it to be more lively and interactive. KYan provides a whole new kind level when it comes to teaching and it equips the speaker using it, the ability to explain further the veracity of his or her subject/s to his/her audience. Last year, the K'Yan has been launched in the Philippines with the help of VDI and Mustard Seed in which you can see here.

Today, the device has been reintroduced with new sets of features, upgrades and integration. The all-in-one device has now the power to integrate your own device, such as your tablets and smartphones to its built-in MDM (Mobile Device Management) Console. The students now can be able to see up-close and personal in their own tablets the things that K'Yan is showing upfront. They can also answer their exams, exercises and assignments right in their own tablet, without the hassle of downloading the files.

The operating system as well has been upgraded to Windows 8.1 and it is surely can be upgraded to Windows 10, for a much modernized experience. They now also have a much smaller K'Yan in which you can easily bring anywhere, specially if you have some presentations on the go.

The overall experience with this all-in-one device is so outstanding, and I am highly recommending it specially if you are a teacher.

For more information about K'Yan, you can get in touch with Vinea Distributions Inc. here.

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