Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ZKTeco: Solution For Accounting Problems

Hello Tekkies! Santa Rosa City, Laguna --Last December 2, 2015 Mustard Seed Corporation together with ZKTeco has conquered the City of Santa Rosa to provide the latest technology when it comes to accounting systems.

ZKTeco giving a explanation about their new product.
The Chinese company called ZKTeco gave some of the attendees at the Paseo Premiere Hotel a glimpse of how should a new accounting system should be, and how can an accountant, HR and IT benefit from these features.
The new HRMS or Human Resource Management System, provided the audience ease when comes to management and payroll, just some of the most important branches that companies are focusing on. We also had an opportunity to do a Q and A with the representative of BIR in Region 4. 

The audience was able to know the new roll out of BIR when it comes the the compensation and benefits of the their employees and how can the HRMS be able to assist them further in completing their jobs.
Mustard Seed Team with Councilor Rina of Binan.
Before the talk started, another special guest was honored by Mustard Seed, and it is the appearance of Councilor Rina Zapata-Bartolome, a running councilor for Binan, who gave her insights and opinion about the accounting system and how can each city be a smart city towards the use of modern technology.

Overall, the event went well and the attendees were able to know more about the products and offerings that Mustard Seed as a company is giving. Assuring them about training, seminars and new ventures that Mustard Seed is doing specially with ZKTeco.

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