Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Manila, Philippines -- Social Media is fast becoming an effective marketing and communications tool for businesses, which are constantly coming up with new ways to reach their target market. Social networks allow people to collaborate and communicate at almost zero cost. So TAG Media and Public Relations will present speakers who are leaders from different industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the ASEAN region. Attendees are senior business people, high-ranking government officials and media journalists. Depends on the expo, the speakers from that industries are the best from the best to give insights and to discuss different cases to improve your products and services. 

Since a lot of us that are engaged in Social Media does not know the value that is giving to both consumers and businesses, TAG Media has made this convention to allow ordinary consumers and entrepreneurs harness the power of social media, and let them know how can it help change the income of your company or change you to become a socially responsible individual. Speakers from all walks of life gathered to educate and inspire people who wants to know more about social media, and how can it enable success to each and every person using it.

This event has been happening every year, and a lot of people who attended on their series of events know how important it is to be knowledgeable when it comes to technology. Technology is the future and a lot us us do not know it. We cannot go back to the time of the typewriter nor to the time of snail mails. Since innovation helps people to communicate easily, it helps people to do work efficiently and makes family closer together. So TAG Media is inviting everyone to support and participate in this momentous event that only happens every year. For more information, you can contact TAG Media at (0916)6299.381 if you want TO SPONSOR, TO SPEAK, TO BE THERE. You can also email:

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