Sunday, February 7, 2016


"Crime does not pay" an adage that holds the truth, even in this 21st century.

Spotlighting a decade-long and numerous sexual abuses inflicted upon the youth, altar boys or helpers, became a recurring sickening diseases within the darkened walls of the Catholic Church. Not only the innocent minors suffered, but also their parents and the other family members bore the burden of the demonic nightmares. Through the years, even decades, these sexual abuses to the youth would remain an open wound that no amount of cure could heal.

Some scandalous secrets would remain locked within the Catholic Church, locked within the confines of the victims' homes, and tucked within the minds and hearts of the innocents as well. Not until...The 6-Oscar nominated film, SPOTLIGHT, presents the brave and courageous group of newspaperman of Boston Globe in their search for the truth. The movie is based on the research that received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize Award. It is therefore based on true events.No one had stepped-up to speak the truth regarding these rampant abuses. And nobody sought justice.

"How can you say 'No' to God?" asked a young victim who had kept the blistering abuses inflicted upon him. Through the years, the sufferings that caused him were still apparent.The group of journalists who would become known as Spotlight discovered that minors who were victimized rooted from families of low-income brackets. "To receive attention from our parish priest," confessed by a parent of a victim, "especially to our son, is a big blessing." But a deadly blessing from a wretched wolf under the cloak of a sheep.

One of the actors, who recently earned an Oscar Best Supporting Nomination for his role, Mark Ruffalo quips, "Indeed, it is difficult to watch a molestation of a priest to a minor."Not one among the abusers had served their times in prison. Incidentally, those accused priests were sent to other countries where they continue their evil acts. It is high time that justice must be served.Heading the cast of SPOTLIGHT are Michael Keaton (known for his Batman role and had received an Oscar Best Actor nomination), together with him is Mark Ruffalo (known for his green-eyed monster, The Incredible Hulk role and had received a Oscar Best Supporting Actor nomination), Rachel McAdams (known for her lead role in the romantic & blockbuster film, The Notebook), and other award-winning actors.

To date, SPOTLIGHT has already earned numerous awards of excellence from various bodies of critics. It has garnered 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (for McAdams), Best Editing, and one for Ruffalo.The film SPOTLIGHT is exclusively distributed by Solar Pictures for Solar Entertainment Corporation and has been rated R16 (without cuts) by the MTRCB. It is to be shown in numerous theaters nationwide starting on the 10th of February of this year.

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