Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fount App: Application For Entrepreneurs

Fount -- an application that brings a new meaning to social media. The Fount Application has been created to cater the needs of entrepreneurs who uses their smartphones as their medium of communication, interaction, and network. It has been created out of the immense need for seamless introduction between friends that has common interest in entrepreneurship. People who are starting their business, changing lives and creating value should be able to get in touch with the people that makes their business running and to those people that can make a difference in their business.

Fount Application was launched in the 29th of January 2016, and is currently in beta. The company that has created the app said that they are excited to to continue in providing entrepreneurs the fastest way possible to connect with their friends, employees and to their applicants.

This mobile app connects each and every entrepreneur on what they are looking for. All you need is type the skill that you need, and instantly a list will populate your screen with people that can help you with your project. This app is perfect for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. The Fount App is like a new era of LinkedIn and Facebook, combined in one simple application that each and everyone can enjoy.

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