Friday, May 13, 2016

Dee Girls: Soon to Rock Your World with Their World-Class Talent

Jimmy Dee, a multi-talented entertainer, businessman, motivational speaker, philanthropist, humanitarian and so much more, is here in the country on a mission. He has the noble advocacy and genuine love of helping young ladies achieve their dreams, especially the most promising ones who have the beauty, talent, passion and determination to reach greater heights.
Jimmy Dee Productions aims to discover and train naturally talented young females to achieve their rightful place among the popular entertainers of the world. They give dreamers the opportunity to shine and impress a global audience starting with the Philippines, then to Guam, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the Asia Pacific, and even to Hollywood, as the girls can really make it as among the top-notch entertainers.
They are the production behind the "Dee Girls”- the newest, sexiest and hottest female group of world class entertainers, which is managed hands-on by Jimmy Dee himself as he is personally involved in the selection and training of the girls from start to finish.

But who are the Dee Girls? ·There’s Lea Ibanez, Nicole Nasayao, Tin Oco, Mary Rose Romualdez, Mariane Brenda Bordador, Jay Burbano, and Glyza Ibanez...and more to be added soon as Jimmy Dee Productions is always open to accept all those qualified to be among their best talents. If you believe you got what it takes to become a successful entertainer, such as having great poise, confidence, showbiz personality and stage presence. Then they're definitely looking for you!

The future is set for these young and vibrant ladies who form part of the Dee Girls as they are soon to eagerly rock your world with their undeniably intense performances.  To entertain their audience with all their heart will be the ultimate goal for each member of the all female group. So get ready to be astounded by world class entertainment from the Dee Girls!

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  1. I see the the Dee Girls rise to the top of the entertainment world and go places! #DeeGirls