Friday, July 1, 2016

Android N: Now Officially Android Nougat

After getting all the opinions of netizens around the globe, Android has finally announced that their latest Operating System for their line of mobile smartphones will be called "Nougat". After tons of surveys online and voting polls, a lot of people are asking, "What would be the best name for their latest release?" A lot of people have speculated about having the name of "Nutella", or "Nutmeg" and even "Noodles", but after that long and grueling wait for the name of the latest android, they finally have it and its the Android Nougat.

If you can recall, Android Nougat, or Android N in its first release has a lot of new features that some of the lucky beta testers and developers was able to test out. Some of these features are improved notification scheme, split screen multi-tasking and several improvements from their previous OS, the Marshmallow.

This release has also "Daydream", google's new VR platform that is baked-in, but this feature will only support Daydream ready handsets running the OS.

If you can remember, the announcement comes from their Google I/O event last March and the OS will be due for a release this quarter.

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