Monday, June 27, 2016

Be Thrilled By Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Makati, Philippines -- Royal Enfield, the brand that most of the big boy riders admired, is opening its doors in Manila thru a shop located at Bagtikan Street, San Antonio Village in Makati. The toys for the big boys called Royal Enfield -- a motorycle brand that was established way back in 1901, is still here and still making some noise for all the motoring aficionados that wanted a good brand, yet not too overpriced. With the likes of Ducati and Harley Davidson taking the hearts of many, the Royal Enfield brand is no amateur when it comes to building and customizing motorcycles for all ages, including those who are celebrities and in the army, As the named implied, Royal Enfield is crafted and developed in Enfield, Britain, to which I know most of you are familiar about the name "Enfield", after the success of the movie -- Conjuring 2 - Enfield Poltergeist, a case to which Ed and Lorraine Warren solved the mystery way back in 1977.

The motorcycle brand represents the throwback of the Golden Era of motorcycling, when riding was meant for adventure. leisure and fun. That is why last June 25th (Saturday), a lot of fans and motorcycle aficionados drove their way to the latest and newest branch of Royal Enfield in Makati. Food, booze and a lot of good surprises paved the afternoon and the night away as Royal Enfield gave the guests a night that they cannot forget. There were a lot of bloggers, motoring magazine columnists and photographers that covered the opening of the new addition of Royal Enfield's growing global foot print for motorcycle fans. Great prizes and celebrities were spotted, including Kuya Kim of ABS-CBN. Overall, the experience was overwhelming and fabulous, that will make you think about Royal Enfield most of the time.

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