Friday, August 5, 2016

Deliver Anything With Deliveree

Manila, Philippines -- If you are having some issues about sending delivery thru your traditional courier, Deliveree, a new application available now over the Appstore and Google Play, might be the best possible option to ease your burden.

Available now in the Philippines and introduced last July, Deliveree is a delivery application that can be as easy as booking an Uber ride going home from the office. All you need to do is download the application, enter your destination or the destination where the delivery needs to be delivered or picked-up, select the vehicle that you want or you need for your delivery or picked-up, the app automatically matches the right driver for you, gives you its details and the ETA for the pick-up location. After that, you can also track your delivery thru the app itself, making sure that your delivery is safe and sound for pick-up. Once it arrives, the app will also produce a digital signature from you receiver, and that's it.

Using Deliveree also has some major advantages like having a timing option, quick matching, providing extra services such as additional destination, extra hand from the driver and also extra helpers.

The app also has a transparent pricing, full-tracking of your package and customer support. Standard fare starts at 200php for the first 3km and additional 20php per additional kilometres. As for the weight limit, they do have a 300kg maximum, and for the additional services, like drivers and helpers, it's 200php inclusive of 2 destinations for the helpers, and for the special help of the driver, it's 40php per destination. For more information on the pricing and payment, you can check out this link.

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