Sunday, October 16, 2016

Track Your Devices Thru TrackR

Manila, Philippines -- We all know that we have valuable items -- keys, wallets, purse, bags or even pets and your own car. What will you do if some of those items suddenly got lost or you have forgotten them in a restaurant or on a convenient store specially for your bags or wallets, what will you do?

A startup company from California called TrackR have invented a unique set of devices created for your specific needs. These devices can easily fit your wallet, bags or even to your car so that you can be able to monitor them without the use of an expensive GPS device. Using a technology called "Crowd GPS" TrackR has enabled a group of users of these devices to help other people in finding their lost items. The line-up for their devices are called: TrackR Wallet, TrackR Sticker, TrackR Tablet and their latest is the TrackR Bravo and the TrackR Atlas. Each specific device and program are made for each and everything that is possible to get lost or to be forgotten.

Their latest offering which is the TrackR Bravo, is a coin-size tracker that easily fit into your wallets, bags or purse without that bulky feel. Being powered by a small button-sized battery, this tiny equipment can be used for up to a year before replacing the battery included on it. You can use its full potential by downloading and installing the TrackR app on your android and iOS devices and enabling the bluetooth and data of your phone, so that you can see on the map where is your precious belonging and check if it is connected thru the bluetooth. The good thing about these TrackR's is that you can ring both your phone and or your items that you have attached the Bravo into with just a press of a button. For more information, you can check out their website here, and see how these TrackR devices can change the way you think about tracking your precious things.

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