Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Boosting Up Flower Power with Transportify

Diane Yap, one of the owners of celebrity flower shop “Petalier”, had one of the most common problems most shops with delicate products have: How could we ensure that our products arrive at the best state possible?

Before signing up with Transportify, they used motorcycles for deliveries. This not only compromised the freshness of the flowers but also created additional expense for them since they have to buy dry ice to maintain the pristine condition of the flowers. They never had any peace of mind during their deliveries.

As such, they were very relieved when they were introduced to Transportify. “Ever since we signed up for Transportify, it has really revolutionized our system for delivering flowers because it’s very efficient to book with them. Using cars keep our flowers really fresh since they are very well-ventilated.” Ms. Yap states.

They even thought that it was too good to be true since it was a faster, safer and cheaper way of delivering their flowers.  But it really proved to be the real deal and even better, since it features live tracking of their products and a great customer service. “The service of Transportify is impeccable in a way that whenever we have problems we just have to reach out to the customer service. If we have to change routes they are very, very cordial. The drivers are very friendly, you can really rely on them and you feel their concern for the products. They always have the biggest smile.” Ms. Yap says.

She even attests that Transportify has tremendously improved their operations. She says that, “Compared to others, Transportify is really the most cost-effective business out there that offers this kind of service and they are also the most reliable. Expenses-wise, we save the most amount when we worked on Transportify.” 

Overall, Ms. Yap says that Transportify is a highly-commendable business for anyone looking for delivery services since “they have the best prices, the best service, and the best team.” She is very happy with Transportify, she even gave it 5.5 out of 5 stars!

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