Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Booming Future For The Philippine Logistics Market

With the rapid advancement of technology in the past decades, almost everything in our day-to-day lives can be produced in an instant – from sending urgent messages to receiving an important document the next day – all of which are now just a click away on a laptop screen or smartphone.
The continuing globalization of the Philippine economy and the rest of the world has driven an increase in the demand for express delivery services. According to the report released by Ken Research, courier services have seen growth because of the increase in export and import activities which require efficient distribution channels. The revenue registered from the freight forwarding market had increased from US$ 20.2 billion in 2010 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% from 2010-2015. It is estimated that this figure will continue to grow in the next five years, potentially earning a profit of US$ 41.3 billion by 2020.
These services are especially important for businesses, regardless of its size, as it plays a crucial role in supply chain management. Producing quality goods is one thing, but getting those goods to the customer right on time is also big factor in keeping your loyal customers and getting new ones.
Currently, logistics in the Philippines is catered to by a limited number of service providers. And in order to avail of these services, customers would have to go to a branch of the express delivery courier to turn in the document or item for delivery.
But what if there was a faster and easier way to send out or move things around?
This is where Transportify comes in. Compared to other express deliver courier services out there, you can send out anything for delivery on the same day without having to leave your home or office building. Through its mobile app, you can simply set your pick-up and delivery location. Once done, it will match you with a nearby driver who will arrive within 60 minutes to your location to pick up the item. What’s more, you can pre-schedule the service up to two weeks in advance. To ensure that your item gets to the delivery location, Transportify lets you track the item while it is en route and notifies you when the item has been successfully delivered.
Transportify currently has a fleet of 1,000 vehicles which covers Mega Manila and surrounding areas.
Moving things around has never been this convenient. To learn more about Transportify, visit their website via this LINK, or chat with their customer service representatives HERE.

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