Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Transportify Made A Difference In Deliveries

In 2016, Secretary Adrian S. Cristobal of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) noted that the Philippines has the highest logistics cost among ASEAN countries. Citing a study published by the World Bank, he said that the Philippines falls behind its ASEAN neighbours in terms of the “ease of doing business” based on the time and cost.
When Transportify finally arrived in the country, one of the objectives it had was to bring a revolution to this problem— lowering the cost of traditional logistics method of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) without forsaking the quality of service.
As the local counterpart of Deliveree, it provides a wide array of services from same day delivery to moving services, all through its mobile and web application platform. As the main goal of Transportify is to help SMEs by lowering logistics cost, it offers affordable rates wherein clients only pay for what they need. This is particularly helpful for industries with deliveries that are neither big nor small enough.
Feravis Global Trading is one of such industries.
Established 2010, Feravis is an importer and distributor based in Makati, Manila. They have several products ranging from sporting goods, fitness, housewares, and consumer electronics. Before using Transportify, they had problems with the absenteeism of their drivers as well as the waste in time whenever there are only small consignments since they have to wait until the truck is full.
In order to address the aforementioned issue, Feravis decided to outsource using Transportify. Aside from being a cheaper and faster alternative for their smaller deliveries, they also found it easier to track their shipments through the GPS system of Transportify app. “We don’t need gadgets like the GPS devices anymore, just the app, ‘cause before, I was thinking of getting [a device] so I can monitor them (shipment)…” Feravis tells Transportify.
Adding to their confidence, it is not only them but also their customers who are very much satisfied with the service of Transportify. They said that customers are aware that it is a third-party service provider and it improved their over-all service and operation.
Together with Feravis, more and more SMEs are also discovering Transportify and the revolutionary services it offers its clients at a very affordable cost. With its rising patronage and the way it provides the “ease of doing business” with just a few clicks on its mobile and web application, Transportify may just be the future of logistics services in the country.

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