Friday, August 11, 2017

What Makes Transportify Different

As there have been many logistics companies with tenure long before Transportify courier service started, it begs the question: What makes Transportify different from other courier delivery services?

 We think this is best answered by Transportify’s valued clients.

Transportify is not part of the motorcycle cliché

Motorcycle pickup and delivery is pretty common among local courier service providers. Small parcels and food usually get transported with the use of motorbikes. While it may have an advantage during traffic jams because motorcycles can slip between larger vehicles, it’s not a good service for a flower delivery.

Diane Yap, co-founder of Petalier Online Flower Shop, recalled how motorcycle delivery was an inconvenience for their business.

“It was really a struggle because we got to a point when we found a company that delivers using motorcycles and we need to buy dry ice to preserve the freshness of the flowers,” Yap said.

However, she explained that because of the humid and hot temperature in a tropical country like the Philippines, flowers still die.

“They wither so that [is] one of our biggest problem, we never have peace of mind with our deliveries because there is always a worry that the flowers might die. When it’s raining, the motorcycle drivers get wet,” she added.

Luckily, they soon discovered Transportify. This partnership paved way to a much better product delivery experience.

“Having a car service [is] the best for products as delicate as ours,” Yap said. “Ever since we signed up for Transportify, it has really revolutionized our system for delivering flowers because it’s very efficient to book with them. Using cars keep our flowers really fresh since they are very well-ventilated.”

Transportify does not wait to be fully-booked

Let’s face it. A reason why deliveries take time in the country is because freight forwarding and logistics companies usually wait for their trucks or containers to be full before sending them away to decrease the companies’ expenses. The downside is, the truck may be on stand-by for days and fragile cargos could be cramped inside the container once it is full.

Fortunately for Attic Café Gallery, unlike other courier services, a Transportify truck does not wait to be fully-booked before setting off. Clients can book a truck or van just for their packages.

 “[Transportify allows] one [container] is to one customer, not like other delivery services – one container, different customers,” explains Attic Café Gallery co-founder. “That setup is not compliant to our requirement because we need proper handling for the artworks.”

Transportify can do multiple deliveries with one client

Since there are other logistics support app other than Transportify, having competitors is inevitable but it has one more trick up its sleeve. Unlike other delivery services, Transportify gives clients the option to select multiple delivery destinations.

Custom Cakes business owner Hanna is one of the clients who benefited from the said app feature. “Before, it’s a combination of us delivering [the cakes], but the business grows so fast that we’re not able to do that anymore. So sometimes multiple delivery in a day. We can do something else sana rather than deliver. So we outsource,” Hanna says.

“We never used others because of horror stories. So the choice for Transportify is much easy. I cannot say no to a client; saying we only deliver to one area. We have to [be able] to do multiple deliveries,” she added.

Hanna also commended Transportify’s pricing. “The cost is okay with me kasi, you know, Custom Cakes are very expensive, so my priority is that it gets delivered safely. So for the peace of mind versus the cost, it’s very reasonable.”

People who have experiences sending packages through courier service centers and entrepreneurs who have courier partners know how much a delivery could cost. This is one of the local logistics aspects which the company wants to change—it believes that clients should be charged with reasonable price. This is one of the main reasons why more and more SMEs trust Transportify.

Sometimes it’s good to be different

In a society where almost everyone wants to be in the current trend, Transportify dared to be different. As a delivery service app, it didn’t go with the flow. Instead, it made its own flow that became its edge over its competitors.

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