Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Manila's Smartest Logistics Provider

In line with the web and mobile application dashboard’s new design, Transportify came up with a new tagline: Manila's smartest logistics provider.

According to the logistics service provider, the change in tagline does not have anything to do with the need of having a new tagline, but rather on the continuous revolution that Transportify app provides for its many personal package senders and business clients. For more than a year, Transportify has served the Philippines as a reliable on-demand delivery app. Transportify has also become a trusted third-party logistics partner to several business enterprises, both big and small.

The phrase “Manila’s smartest logistics provider” also refers to Transportify’s app dashboard enhancement. For Transportify, the new look is not only for aesthetic purposes, but, above all else, for functionality so valued customers may experience more convenience in making transactions through the app.

We also believe that being the smartest logistics provider does not only mean being a fast courier service when it comes to delivering packages, but also being careful and responsible for the items we are transporting. This is why aside from providing a fast courier speed and a sophisticated user-friendly Transportify app for delivery service, we also make sure our drivers are well-trained by sending them to seminars and training workshops, and by giving them an exam they need to pass before becoming official Transportify delivery driver partners.

Knowing that the old local logistics system needs a lot of improvement  and update on how  it operates and works, we realized that the best way to give Filipinos modern quality delivery service is by continuously enhancing the Transportify web and mobile app—to constantly evolve and adapt to the customers’ changing needs.

Transportify: Manila’s smartest logistics provider—providing you a smart delivery app, a smart management of your business’ logistics, and a smart way of sending your packages across Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

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