Monday, October 15, 2018

Transportify: Continues opening affordable provincial routes

Transportify, Manila’s largest app-based logistics platform, expand their services to even more provincial cities to support the growing economy and requests from its customers, primarily businesses. Transportify began operating in the Philippines back in July 2016 serving only the greater Metro Manila area. The company has gone a long way since then. Now they are supporting deliveries from Manila to most key cities in Luzon via its “Long Haul” service.

Routes from Metro Manila to Batangas, Dagupan, Pampanga, and Baguio have been open since August of this year and routes from Metro Manila to Lipa, Tarlac, San Pablo, Subic/Olongapo, Lucena, and Cabanatuan have just been opened at affordable rates as low as Php3,000.

Over the last two years, businesses and individuals in Metro Manila have benefitted from affordable rates and flexible service options enabled Transportify’s platform. With continuous improvements on its mobile and web app and active management of drivers on their platform, Transportify further augments the customer experience and ensure high-quality service.

Noel Abelardo, Transportify’s director of sales, shares how customers in Manila are clamoring for expanded services from the platform, “increasing demand for our service allowed us to better understand our customers and help with their challenges in logistics. Through our innovative technology and disruptive business model, we constantly provide solutions to serve their requirements to deliver from Manila to other provincial cities in Luzon without breaking the bank.”

While traditional logistics vendors offer similar services, Transportify’s marketplace model is supported by thousands of well-managed delivery vehicles and drivers equipped with advanced app-based technology enabling digital booking, GPS tracking, and electronic documentation. In this period of rising prices, in large part due to higher inflation rates, the company’s timing with regard to this expansion of services is seen as a relief for Filipino SMEs, enabling business owners to scale easily outside of Metro Manila while saving them up to 40% on logistics costs according to Transportify’s senior operations manager, Kelvin Caro.

Together with affordable prices, businesses will experience a new service standard for provincial city-to-city deliveries with Transportify enabled by:

·       Drivers accredited and actively managed by Transportify via technology
·       24/7 service center support… and yes, they respond fast
·       Full-service loading and unloading, from pick-up to destination
·       Affordable, transparently fixed rates

Visit to access the long haul price calculator to check the company’s low pricing.

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