Friday, October 4, 2019

What's next for the PH Coco industry? ProSource influencers speak.

For many years, coconuts have been a popular alternative amongst consumers for a multitude of reasons. First is the versatility of coconuts to be converted to different forms, and second is the wide variety of health benefits it provides.

For Philippine-based coconut processor ProSource International Inc. (ProSource), seeking further ways to innovate on the fruit is their primary mission. With its growing popularity and the presence of new-breed technology, ProSource, with its international brand NUCO, received positive attention during the recently held 2nd World Coconut Congress, where they introduced their unique product offerings.

Led by an outstanding lineup of manufacturing experts locally and abroad, the event brought together decision-makers and health enthusiasts alike, as they discussed fresh ideas relevant to the Philippine Coco industry.

Coconuts for a plant-based living
“I use coconut-based products every day, and in almost every way I can,” said Filipina celebrity Bianca King. “I use it for my personal skin and hair care, and even when I cook or bake. It’s a local fruit I swear by.”

Taking part in the lineup of activities during the 2nd World Coconut Congress, King starred in her cooking show segment where she prepared two delightful plant-based meals,  all featuring her favorite products from ProSource and NUCO: their bestselling Coconut Wraps, Crunch, and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut for health and wellness
Marco Reyes, now one of the key players in the local coconut industry, is a living testimonial for the miracle fruit as an option for weight loss. “I used to be big, like really big, and I have also tried many fad diets before which never worked. But when I tried out this local weight-reduction plan, wherein I put ProSource and NUCO products at the core of my daily intake, I lost about 50lbs. in 6 months. No exercise at all,” he shares.

For Marco, the coconut has been the best ally in his weight loss journey, but to further examine if it were truly an advisable alternative for his overall health and wellness, he subjected himself to a series of medical tests. “Losing weight was one thing, but for me to truly test if it’s working, I had my blood levels checked. There, I discovered that I achieved the healthiest ratio for cardiovascular health. I have been the happiest since then,” said Reyes.

In the business of transforming lives
For ProSource and NUCO Director Ricky Santos, growing up in the Philippines allowed him and his family to see poverty and the struggles of a Filipino coconut farmer firsthand. While the Santos family lived comfortably, the case was not the same for the men who nobly tilled the soil. Since then, the Santos family has made it their mission to create a positive change in the Philippine coconut landscape, thus giving birth to the healthsome brands ProSource and NUCO.

“We put our business at the heart of transforming lives,” said Ricky Santos. “Our dedication lies in helping Filipino coconut farmers benefit from the trade of their sustainably-grown harvest. With the social responsibility projects we do as a team, we’re happy to take part in spawning a positive impact not only on our business but our community as a whole. This has always been our mindful philosophy at ProSource and NUCO,” Santos added.

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