Sunday, February 7, 2021

How SAMkoin and the SAM Members Acceleration Program Can Create Digital Transformation in the Philippines Soon

  Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future of digital transformation, especially during this time of the pandemic. Now that cashless and digital interactions are the way we do to communicate and pay, we must have a tool that we can bring anywhere to make payments and make our lives easier for everything that we do.

Please welcome SAM, or also known as Smart Asset Managers that is proudly introducing one of their digital assets called the SAMKoin and their ambassador rewards program called the SAM MAP. SAM is a registered entity in Australia and has gained registration thru AUSTRAC, and also in the process of completing its registration here in the Philippines very soon.

SAM is now introducing SAMKoin, it is a digital currency that aims to provide a flexible medium of exchange for its members. It acts as an intermediary instrument and tradeable unit that facilitates streamlining of all processes involved in the settlement of transactions amongst the SAM global Community. SAM Koin is a classified intender that stimulates alternative liquidity options.

How SAMKoin works:

  • Subscription - SAMKOIN's main source of demand is the Smart Asset Managers’ Project Developments’ (SAMPD) Subscription Program.
  • Conventional Income and Merchant - Complementing the main source of demand is the revenue generated from the conventional business, established from the revenue derived from the SAMPD.
  • Exchange Income - Re-enforcing added value to services in liquidating reward incentives that can be directly exchanged to fiat or any product or services, an income or profit from transaction fees will be generated from the management and implementation of each transaction.
  • Venture Capital Income - The main goal is to bridge the economic gap between digital and conventional economies. The capital market will be SAM DIGITAL TECH, the ultimate destination, thereby unleashing multiple opportunities to each individual.
SAMKoin will have their ICO or Private Initial Coin Offering very soon. To know more, you may visit their website here.

Smart Asset Managers also introduced an ambassador program called the SAM MAP or the SAM Members Acceleration Program. This program is what they call a doorway to more exciting options and opportunities for the SAMPD Conventional Business.

Thru this program, you may be able to gain bonuses and incentives that can give you various rewards and exciting opportunities.

To know more about SAM and their Membership Acceleration Program, you can visit their website here

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