Monday, February 25, 2013

Cherry Mobile:A Big Sale

Cherry Mobile,one of the top notch mobile producer in the country today is having their big sale at Robinson's Galleria from February 22 up to March 6.

Some of their top of the line mobiles are there to give you a run for your money.Some of the line-ups are the Cherry Mobile C8,that has a dual sim,a camera and micro SD capacity of up to 4GB. They also have the Cherry Mobile D12TV which has the Mobile TV feature included in the handset.It has the A5i,which has a Mobile TV as well, and a micro SD slot that supports for up to 8GB. Included in this sale as well is the X1 Morph and the K8 which has its own class and distinction as well.

For more information, you can visit Cherry Mobile at or like their page on Facebook to know more about the latest happening about Cherry Mobile.

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