Monday, February 25, 2013

Windows Phone Store now hosts more than 130,000 apps, Elop says

At Nokia’s press conference here at MWC, CEO Stephen Elop announced that the number of available Windows Phone apps has reached and surpassed the 130,000 milestone.

Popular new additions include the WhatsApp cross-platform messaging client, as well as the re-branded HERE suite of navigation and mapping applications.
It’s no secret that Nokia banked in all their chips with Microsoft’s budding mobile OS, and hope to draw smartphone users to their Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia handsets by offering the more popular apps from Android and iOS.
While Windows Phone still cannot rival the app libraries of the big dogs Android and iOS (both of which have over 700,000 total apps as of last October), this news bodes well for users looking to switch to the new OS, and are worried about the smaller number of apps.

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