Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blackberry Dev Alpha B:The Father Of Blackberry Z10

I went to Makati yesterday to do two things: first, i need to attend the Microsoft ALM and Visual Studio Seminar, and two, i need to get my very own Blackberry Device Alpha B.

I have been communicating with Blackberry recently,because we want to have partnership in terms of events and exposure. To give you a history,Soft Micro Enterprises is a solutions provider for Blackberry here in the Philippines and they wanted to support more customers by being able to communicate and interact with Blackberry in a more personal manner. Good thing,last June 8,2013;Soft Micro Enterprises has been able to see and interact with Blackberry people like Alan Wong and Jiaxi Xiu. They are kind enough to give  Soft Micro a Blackberry handset to be able to support their customers here in the Philippines.

So yesterday, i was able to coordinate with John Bibal, who is a volunteer educator of Blackberry here in the Philippines,and he was kind enough to give me my very own Device Alpha B to be able to see it and do a hands on.

My impression on this device was quite a bit flared due to the fact that this device is the prototype of the now famous Blackberry Z10 in the market. All of the features that the Z10 has,is here on the Blackberry Dev Alpha B,including the LTE capability,NFC and of course Wi-fi. It also has the 8MP camera with flash on the back and a 2MP camera in front.

All in all this device is quite impressive and shall i say i am the only one that has this in our area.The advantage and uniqueness among any other phones out there has been showered upon me ever since i handled this device yesterday. Nevertheless, Blackberry is still the handset to beat for me.

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