Saturday, June 15, 2013

Warner Bros. release ‘Man of Steel’ game for iOS and Android

Another superhero movie, another movie tie-in game. It’s hardly a surprise then that Warner Bros. have followed the launch of the movie with a game for iOS and Android. Named identical to the movie, Man of Steel is now available on the App Store (separate versions for iPhone and iPad) and the Play Store.

an of Steel is a third person action game where you engage enemies one at a time. It has the same basic gameplay method that was pioneered by Infinity Blade, where you have to swipe on the screen to attack your enemy and then press buttons on the screen to dodge their attacks. When you’re done with one enemy, you move on to the next one and that is basically the entire game. The game is based on the same general story as the movie although it cuts to the chase faster and you don’t have to sit and watch Clark Kent grow up and turn into Superman.

The iPhone version of the game is price at $2.99 and annoyingly there is a separate version for the iPad priced at $4.99. On Android, there is just a single version priced at $4.99. Of course, there are in-app purchases as well. You can download all three versions of the game from the link below.


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