Sunday, January 26, 2014

Apple denies that the NSA has iOS access

We recently heard that the NSA's has access to all iPhones, making each user's data visible to the watching eyes of the government agency. There was even some talk that Apple may have worked with the NSA, basically handing over a key to all of their users' information.

Well Apple CEO Tim Cook didn't take kindly to these rumors and avers that there is no backdoor access to iOS. Cook even went so far as to say that if the government wanted access to Apple's servers, that they would need “to cart [our employees] out in a box.”
Cook went on-air on ABC to dispel the rumors about the supposed scandal involving his company and the NSA. The CEO has even said that Apple has been “pushing very, very hard” for people to have more access to the company's inner practices.
In the interview with ABC Cook also spoke a bit about the direction Apple is going to take product wise: specifically in reference to wearable devices.

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